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Free Android TV app store that uses AppLinked codes to access TV app stores inside this app. Has many free Movies and TV shows apps.



Has Multiple TV app stores inside this app store. Uses FileSynced Codes to access FileSynced stores full of TV apps and games.



Has nice and clean interface to access user created app stores all around the world. Uses Unlinked codes to access UnLinked stores full of Movies and TV Shows.

Aptoide TV

Aptoide TV

Best Alternative App store for Play Store TV and Amazon App Store. Install any Android app or game on your TV easily using this TV app store for free.

Download and install latest Android TV and Fire TV apps using Android TV app stores. Install your Favorite TV app store for Movies, TV shows, Live TV, Sports, News, etc.

How it works?

First download your favorite app store from Applinked, FileSynced and Unlinked. All those 3 apps has same purpose of hosting TV apps and games. Applinked and Filesynced provide default app store out of the box.

You can use TV codes Applinked codes for Applinked, FileSynced codes for FileSynced to access user created app stores. Unlinked does not have default app store. You have to use Unlinked codes to access user created stores.

surf each stores and install awesome free movies, TV shows, sports, news and many more apps with ease.

TV boxes
Category:TV app store
License Type:Free
Required Version:Android TV, Google TV or Fire TV

Update Version – 2.1.2 – Change log

  • Option to delete individual codes
  • check for updates button.
  • Items can be set inactive in dashboard.
  • Bookmarks are now available on new window.
  • Showing choices when opening external tutorial links on TV.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashed on scroll to top.
  • Fix logo diplay on categories.

How to Install on Amazon Firestick

Below shows how to install best Filelinked alternative app stores on Amazon Fire TV sticks. Support all most all Fire TVs, Fire TV cube, Fire TV sticks.

  1. First open “App Store” application of your Fire TV.
  2. Search “Downloader by AFTV”.
  3. You will see text suggestions while typing. Select correct app name from name suggestions to display search results.
  4. Select “Downloader” app from AFTV and install.
  5. Go to “”.
  6. Select any app store you want.
  7. Download and install.

How to Install on Android TV

Below shows how to install app store full of Movies and TV shows on Android TVs including TCL, Android TV Sticks, Google TV, Chromecast, Android TV boxes and more.

  1. First open “play store” application of your Android TV or Google TV.
  2. Search “Downloader by AFTV”.
  3. You will see “Downloader” application on search results while typing.
  4. Select “Downloader” app by AFTV and install.
  5. Once installation completed enable “Unknown Sources” permissions from settings. For that follow below mention procedure.
    • Settings -> Device Preferences -> Security & restrictions ->Unknown Sources.
    • Inside Unknown Sources you will see list of installed apps. Select “Downloader“.
    • Click “enter” or “select” of your remote to enable permissions for “Downloader“.
    • Once permissions allowed you will see “allowed” text under “Downloader” app.
  6. Go to “” using Downloader app.
  7. Select any app store you want.
  8. You will downloader code for selected app store.
  9. Enter that downloader code on “Downloader” web browser URL area and press enter.
  10. App will download and install.

Applinked Codes

  • 4554 – has more than 140 apps
  • 5555 – has more than 29 apps
  • 727272 – has more than 70 apps
  • 8888 – has more than 28 apps
  • 3333 – has more than 13 apps
  • 4444 – has more than 16 apps

FileSynced Codes

  • 12345678 – Official FileSynced Store
  • 10000017 – Android Apps ( more than 80 Apps )
  • 88888888 – DreamLocator
  • 55555555 – LeeTV Streaming Stuff
  • 10000008 – Apps
  • 98767346 – NextTimeTech
  • 20212021 – DaBs Kodi Forks
  • 56001333 – Hidden Gem – Pin – 12345

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