Filmzie for Android TV, Free Movies App

Filmzie – Movie Streaming app for TV

With the advent of technology, entertainment is now at our fingertips. From smartphones to laptops, everything is just a click away. However, finding the right app to stream your favourite movies and TV shows can be a hard task. Android TVs or Fire TVs have tons of movie streaming apps on play store. Filmzie is Read more about Filmzie – Movie Streaming app for TV[…]

Fire TV Stick Lite

Fire TV Stick Lite

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick Lite is the most affordable TV stick from Amazon Family. This is a budget-friendly Android TV streaming device that offers access to thousands of channels, apps, and streaming services. It’s an excellent option for cord-cutters or anyone who wants to upgrade their normal TV to smart TV. Design and Features The Read more about Fire TV Stick Lite[…]

Mi TV Stick 4K

Mi TV Stick 4K

The Mi TV Stick 4k is a small and powerful Android TV stick that allows users to stream favorite TV shows, movies, and videos on their non-smart TVs. With its compact design, this device can be easily carried around in your pocket or bag, making it ideal for travelers. Mi TV Stick which is the Read more about Mi TV Stick 4K[…]

Remote apk install using Aptoide TV

Remote APK install using Aptoide TV

Aptoide TV has a feature called remote apk install. You can use this feature to install apps and games to your Android TV or Fire TV using your Android phone or tablet with few steps. In this article lets discuss how to do that. Each and every step is clearly mentioned with images so you Read more about Remote APK install using Aptoide TV[…]

Install Applinked using Downloader

How to install Applinked using Downloader

Unlike your Android phone, normal web browser applications are not working smoothly on Android TV boxes. Because web browsers for phones are optimized for touch screens and finger movements. For TV web browsers it should be optimized to use with TV remote. Best Android TV and Fire TV web browser that can easily browse web Read more about How to install Applinked using Downloader[…]

Mi TV Stick

Mi TV Stick – Android TV

There are many free Android TV sticks out there. But only few of them running actual Android TV OS that support Google play store TV and Google voice assistance. Mi TV Stick is one of those TV sticks that run Android TV OS instead of Android OS. Very small TV stick with a HDMI port Read more about Mi TV Stick – Android TV[…]

Mi TV P1

Mi TV p1 – Android TV

Mi TV P1 is Android smart TV comes with impressive features, making it a great option for anyone who want Android TV experience. This TV comes in different sizes as 55″, 50″, 43″ and 32″. Those who does not want to use Mi TV box like Mi BOX S can use this smart TV that Read more about Mi TV p1 – Android TV[…]

Best Movie App stores for Android TV

All most all of us use Android TV and Android TV boxes to watch movies and TV shows. But default app store does not offer free Movies and TV shows applications. Instead of using a web browser application to download apk files why don’t you use TV app store that offers hundreds of movies and Read more about Best Movie App stores for Android TV[…]

Mirrcast TV receiver

Mirrcast TV Receiver – Airplay

The Mirrcast TV Receiver App is a one of a kind app that allows users the best streaming services available. This innovative app was designed by the company Joyetv and released to the app market in the year 2022. The app allows users to easily stream videos from their mobile devices to their TVs or Read more about Mirrcast TV Receiver – Airplay[…]

Play Store Alternatives for Android TV

Play Store Alternative for Android TV

The Play Store, Google’s official app marketplace for Android TVs and TV boxes, is widely known for its vast collection of apps and games. However, there are many alternative app stores available that offer unique features and large collection of apps and games for Android TV users. From those alternatives app stores, Aptoide TV is Read more about Play Store Alternative for Android TV[…]

Xiaomi Mi BOX S

Mi Box S – Android TV Box Review

Xiaomi’s best and powerful TV box is Mi BOX S. You can buy this product for less prices than many other Android TV boxes out there. Unlike most Android TV boxes with Android OS, this TV box has Android TV OS. Therefore you can experience full Android TV experience. The Xiaomi Mi Box S is Read more about Mi Box S – Android TV Box Review[…]

Aptoide TV for Nvidia Shield TV

Install Aptoide TV on Nvidia Shield TV

Undoubtedly Nvidia Shield is the best Android TV gaming box out there thanks to Nvidia Tegra processor and Nvidia GPU. There are two types of Nvidia Shield Android TV boxes as “Shield TV” and Shield TV pro”. You can choose any of those boxes based on your price and specs. Out of the box this Read more about Install Aptoide TV on Nvidia Shield TV[…]

Whats Web TV

Whats Web TV for Android TV | Fire TV

Are you sick of having to continuously switch between your TV and smartphone in order to use WhatsApp? Look nowhere else! That issue is addressed by Whats Web TV Messenger app which was designed by MUMASH UG. With the help of this ground-breaking software, you can use WhatsApp on your Android TV and enjoy the Read more about Whats Web TV for Android TV | Fire TV[…]

Amazon App Store alterantive for Fire TV

Amazon App Store Alternative for Fire TV

One of the most popular smart TVs are from Amazon. Amazon Fire TVs are popular among many TV users due to its features, price and availability. App Store of Fire TV is a disappointment for many users. Because it has small collection of apps, delayed app updates, more favorable to Amazon ecosystem when compared to Read more about Amazon App Store Alternative for Fire TV[…]

Aptoide for Android TV

Aptoide for Android TV

Aptoide for Android TV is called Aptoide TV. Aptoide for Android phones and tablets called Aptoide. I think now you will know the difference between those two app stores. Why we need app store for out TV. There are many reasons for that. From streaming movies to playing games, Android TV provides a seamless experience Read more about Aptoide for Android TV[…]

How to install Aptoide TV on Android TV

How to Install Aptoide TV on Android TV

The best free alternative App Store for Android TV and TV boxes. No registrations or login required. Just download and install this awesome Aptoide TV app for free. This app compatible with all Android TV devices like Nvidia Shield TV, Mi Box, SkyStream and others. Best alternative to Google play Store TV app. Install all Read more about How to Install Aptoide TV on Android TV[…]

Install Aptoide TV on Fire TV Stick

How to Install Aptoide TV on Fire TV Stick and Fire TV

Aptoide TV is one of the best Android TV app Store like Amazon App Store. Just like Amazon App Store, Aptoide TV has lots of Android TV apps and games. All of them are free download. No registration or login required. Just install and start to use. Since this app not available on Amazon App Read more about How to Install Aptoide TV on Fire TV Stick and Fire TV[…]

WildEarth for Android TV and Fire TV

WildEarth TV – Nature Safari for TV box

Wildlife viewing in its natural environments is a wonderful experience for nature lovers. However, not everyone has the opportunity to experience such sights by visiting national parks or nature reserves. That’s where the WildEarth TV app comes in. Nature safari app for TV support all most all Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices. This Read more about WildEarth TV – Nature Safari for TV box[…]

Blocky for Android TV and Fire TV

Blocky – TV Parental Remote

It might be difficult to keep an eye on what our kids are seeing on television and what they are being exposed to in the current digital era. As parents, we want to make sure that our children are not exposed to harmful material that could stunt their growth and affect their health. Blocky, a Read more about Blocky – TV Parental Remote[…]

The Chosen TV for TV

The Chosen -Watch Life of Jesus Christ on TV

The Chosen app consists of a unique faith based concept that will be a new experience for its users. The app centers on the life of Jesus and his story and provides a unique narrative on this spiritual journey. The purpose of the program is to give viewers a chance to see Jesus through the Read more about The Chosen -Watch Life of Jesus Christ on TV[…]