AccuWeather For Android TV

AccuWeather Android TV

This is an app that would give you updated details about the weather reports. Plus the live radar weather maps. Therefore you could get live weather alerts. That makes it so easy with the AccuWeather TV. No need to worry about the correctness of the weather conditions. That is totally accurate with the existing technology. Therefore that is known as an app with superior accuracy.

Other than the main features, you could find the weather warnings of the winter season too. That is available in this app. If you want to get the result of today you are able to get into your phone. From that you can get the details if the weather is snow or rainy.

AccuWeather radar can detect what the weather condition is at once and show on your Android TV screen. Through those reports you can be prepared for the upcoming weather level. Also from that you can avoid many disastrous conditions. Live alerts will notify you of the updated details.

Mainly there are some reasons that anyone would like to work with this AccuWeather. What are them? See if you would prefer the following.

  • The superior accuracy of the weather forecast
  • Real-time weather feature notified by the upcoming weatherconditions, then you can feel safe
  • You can know the details about the today temperature
  • You can get the weather report where you are living and also the weather of the holidays
  • You can check for the accurate weather conditions 24/7.

You could get any weather condition you liked. Then you have got an idea about the above app. Now you know the main purpose performed by the above app. Except that we will see what are the features of the AccuWeather TV APK.

Features of the AccuWeather APK for TV

  • You can get personalized weather conditions based on your location from the world
  • You could get alerted about the weather conditions beyond 15 days
  • You could get updated details about the weather
  • Forecasting is done by the exclusive videos from the forecasting team
  • You can disable the weather conditions that you don’t want to see. Or else if you think the details are inappropriate you can disable.

I think you haven’t tried this app before. Therefore this is the time to check I am telling the truth about this app. Then download it today for more convenient usage.

Now the developers have fixed the bugs of this app.

You could get the latest updated version of the app as 6.1.10 – free. Now this app has performed about 50,000,000+ downloads. Also, AccuWeather is offered by the AccuWeather team.

How to install AccuWeather on Android TV

Accu Weather for Android TV support all most all the Android TV boxes including Nvidia Shield TV, Mi Box s, SkyStream, Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV cube and etc. So how to install this app on Android TV. It is too simple. Here we are using Aptoide TV. Aptoide TV is an App Store dedicated to Android TV. It contain many Android TV apps and games for free.

1. Download and install Aptoide TV. Click here to download Aptoide TV

2. Open Aptoide TV app and click on “Search”

Aptoide TV Search icon

3. Type “Accu” on search bar. You will see suggestions appear below. Click on AccuWeather.

AccuWeather search on Aptoide TV

4. From search results click on App icon like below picture.

AccuWeather TV APK

5. Click on “Install” button to begin installation. That’s all.

Install AccuWeather TV APK - Aptoide TV

FAQs of AccuWeather

What is the size of this app?
This is a 41.08 MB sized app.

Could I get this app for free?
You have to purchase about 1$-4$ per an item

Could I get it from the Google Play Store?
Yes, you can download it. That is the simplest way of downloading.

Except for the above details there is another thing that you wanted to know. That is the idea by the users. You could take an idea about the app by only the details by the users.

User Opinions

They said that this is a really good app. This app covers a large area of the world. This app covers local weather stations. But there are some apps contained in here. Sometimes the ads are interrupting the content of the app.

I am saying to try this app for even one day. You will definitely use it always.


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  1. Dayton Hurst Avatar
    Dayton Hurst

    Using this for few years and I think it is a nice app. But there are some space for the improvements also.

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