Airy TV App for Fire TV and Android TV free

Airy TV android TV and Fire TV

I was finding a suitable video streaming service for myself for quite a sometime. There I tried so many different streaming services. But the most important fact that I considered was the apk that I am looking for has to be free. Because I wanted to have some entertainment for free. normally the Prime TV, Hulu, Netflix like streaming services which are offering endless entertainment is somewhat costly for me. But thank god finally I found the best streaming service for my device. No doubt is there. That is the wonderful apk Airy TV. Airy TV now available on Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, firestick 4k, firestick lite, Fire TV cube and Android TV boxes including Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV pro, SkyStream, Mi BOX S, Mi BOX Stick and more.

What is Airy TV?

Airy TV is the BEST, FREE streaming service that I found with an ocean of entertainment pieces for me to watch. If you also try this amazing apk I am pretty sure that you will also 100% agree with me.

  1. Airy TV consists of something to watch for each and every family member of your loving family including your kids to elder ones in the family. You can have a superb experience of family fantasy if you got Airy TV with you. Below are some of the things you can enjoy through this excellent streaming service.
  2. Movies- tons of top hit, award winning movies are included here for you. Classic movies and movies for kids are also included there. Movies belonging to any genre are included here to give you the best experience. Movies belong to comedy, horror, romance and so many genres are here in the Airy TV.
  3. TV shows- Airy TV offers you the best, fantastic and TV shows for you to enjoy without getting bored. There lot to choose from and sometimes you may get confused to choose the show to watch at first. Because all most all the TV show is worth of watching.
  4. Live TV- you could be able to have a wonderful live TV experience as this offers you with hundreds of live channels. These may give the pleasure of watching your favorite sports events including Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball, Hockey, Gymnastic and so forth according to your preference. If you are curious about the history then there are some channels that you could watch some historian phenomenon. Can watch classic TV, 80s cartoons and many more through this option.
  5. Music- can listen to ample amount of great and heart catching music pieces from all over the world for your pleasure.

Airy TV is compatible with almost all android devices with you. You can have this amazing app in all your devices without facing any difficulty. The apk is very easy to use and it has a very simple, intuitive and an attractive interface. This Airy TV offers much more things for you for free and it is worth to try in your android too.

Download Airy TV for Android TV and Fire TV

Airy TV is mainly available on Fire TV devices like Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick lite and Fire TV Cube. Every Fire TV owner can easily download and install this app by searching on Amazon App Store. Just open and search this app name and install it from there. This TV app not available on Play Store for TV. Therefore, Android TV owners has to use third party app store to download this app store. Best and easiest way is to use Aptoide TV app instead of Filelinked. Because currently Aptoide TV is the only place that you can download latest version of that app freely. Below method will work on all most every Android TV box including Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV pro, Mi BOX S, Mi TV Stick, SkyStream and many more.

First download and install latest version of Aptoide TV on your Android TV Box. Click here to follow instructions on how to install Aptoide TV on Android TV BOX.

Open Aptoide TV app and click on search icon. Then type “airy tv” and press enter. Now you will see result like below.

airy tv search aptoide tv

Go to “All results”

Airy TV Firestick android tv

Scroll till you find correct logo of Airy TV app.

select Airy TV app Android TV

Now click on “install” button to begin installation.

install Airy TV

Why this app on “All Results” instead of “compatible list”. Android and Android TV are not the same. Phones can be easily operate using touch screen. TV require TV remote to operate. Even though Android Movies apps work on TV boxes, you may find it difficult to operate. Because those applications are not designed to work with TV remote.

You can use Mouse, GamePad or game controller for better experience. You can use virtual mouse pointer application like Mouse Toggle that work using TV remote.

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