Amazon App Store Alternative for Fire TV

Amazon App Store alterantive for Fire TV

One of the most popular smart TVs are from Amazon. Amazon Fire TVs are popular among many TV users due to its features, price and availability. App Store of Fire TV is a disappointment for many users. Because it has small collection of apps, delayed app updates, more favorable to Amazon ecosystem when compared to play store. What is the best alternative app store available for Amazon App store of Fire TV. Aptoide TV is the best alternative available for free.

Why Aptoide TV is best for Fire TV ?

There are many Android app stores like AC Market, Happymod, ApkPure, UptoDown and more. All those app stores are mainly focused on Android phone apps instead of TV apps. Aptoide TV is fully designed for Android TVs and Fire TVs. Support all most all Amazon Fire TV devices including Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV cube and all.

You can install any Android phone app or TV app just using this app store. No need to use web browser applications to download apk files. Use this app store like Amazon app store to search and install apps and games you want for free.

Advantages of Aptoide TV compared to App Store

Here listed some of the main features and advantages of Aptoide TV compared to Amazon app store. Explore all the features once you install this app on your Fire TV.

This app store has large collection of apps and games compared to default fire TV app store. You can install all most all play store TV apps and games on your Fire TV easily using this app store.

Fully designed to work with bigger screens like TV. You can search, navigate and use all the features and functions just using TV remote. User friendly interface make it easier to install apps and games.

You can install Android only apps on your TV. No restrictions like default app store. Go to search and type apps or games you want to install. You will see TV compatible version and other versions available. You can install Android only version on your Fire TV if there is no TV compatible version. Make sure to use external mouse and keyboard to use those applications. Because those apps are designed to work with touch screens like smartphones not on TVs.

Provide automatic updates for apps and games you install on your Fire TV like default app store. No need to manually update apps and games.

You can install apps right after installing this app store. Does not require any registration or subscription like default Fire TV app store. This app store does not implement any geographical restrictions or device restrictions. All apps and games are available for everyone.

Install Aptoide TV on Fire TV

Installation process is simple and easy. Click below link for full picture by picture guide on installing Aptoide TV.

Install Aptoide TV on Amazon Fire TV.


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