Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

I call this stick as the

all in one magic wand

Because it is the most powerful Android TV stick made by Amazon.

Tired of handling more than one remote to operate your TV and cable? It is indeed a nuisance to keep switching from remote to remote. This issue won’t take place anymore since the TV and cable remotes have come together as one. You heard that right folks. The Fire TV Stick 4K already has its menu, play buttons and now it includes the TV’s power and volume buttons as well. Cool right? Screen time becomes much easier having to hold only one remote controller. Now you can enjoy TV by quickly tuning into your favorite channels or switch it off when your done with a single remote.

There’s no monthly fee charged on this. However, there are subscriptions available and If you have purchased one of their subscriptions then you will have to pay the respective fee monthly. I am giving you names of some of the most loved channels where people visit to seek Action, Comedy, Rom Com and many more mind-blowing genres of entertainment. Those are Youtube, TED TV and more jaw dropping ones. It’s limitless! Fire TV Stick is able to download almost all the apps but few of them will still need a subscription for activation purposes. However, you will not be charged to access service or to view your movies and shows on TV.

You can install all Android TV and Google TV apps on your Firestick. If you are unable to find your favorite Android TV app on Amazon App store, don’t worry you can use Aptoide TV. It is the best Play Store TV alternative available for all Android TV boxes.

Setting this TV stick is much simpler. This only requires internet connection during the set-up process. You don’t necessarily need a smart TV to set up a fire tv stick, if you have a adaptable TV that has HD, UHD also an HDMI port along with wireless internet connection and an amazon account. Now you don’t have to be an amazon prime user but you must have a regular amazon account.

Quite a few Do’s and Don’ts on this gadget but I think it’s worth it. Online streaming videos, downloading music, movies, games etc. to your android phones or smart TV’s by sitting and relaxing on your sofa or simply laying on your bed in your Pyjamas has become quite the royalty treatment for entertainment seekers. Another note I’ll like add in here is that although it’s an android based device it doesn’t support Google play store yet support Amazon store. You can use TV app stores like Filelinked and APKTime to find awesome free Movies, TV shows, Sports and other live TV apps.

The fire tv stick switches off and on along with your television. The TV and the fire tv stick are smartly made for each other. Boost in speed, power and functions almost often are the reasons of making any device or gadget popular among us. This invention is seriously turning out to be very profitable and productive.


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