Amazon Prime Videos for Android TV

Amazon Prime Videos for Android TV

This is also an app that provides you a mode of entertainment. You can find about the exclusive TV shows and the movies. Also they are the award-winning ones. Don’t worry. Those all are original ones from amazon. That is for sure. Most people recommend it to everyone. Examples for you could find Mrs. Maisel and Tumble Leaf. 

If you haven’t selected any app for your entertainment this is the best option. Now you have an idea about the amazon prime apk. It is not only a normal app. There are more special features on it. Shall we see about those features? 

Features of the amazon prime apk 

  • You can download any video and the TV shows from here. 
  • After you download it you can watch it your way. That means you can watch it online or offline.
  • Also, you can watch it from anywhere. That is in any place that is suitable for you. 
  • You can cast it on more devices. That means from your mobile phone, tablet or from any other big screen. 
  • You could find the related details about songs and actors that present in the videos. You can find it on the x-ray. 
  • You could find about 150 premium can be subscribed with the existing prime video channels. 
  • That above will only be for the prime members of amazon prime apk. Those channels are as STARZ and the HBO and SHOWTIME. 
  • You have to pay for some. Also you have to pay for the selected apps. 
  • There is no cable required to work with that app. 
  • You can cancel anytime that you want. 
  • The above app will not be present in all regions of the world. That is only limited to certain countries. 
  • From here you have the ability to buy and sell both things. 
  • You could find about 100,000 titles of videos. 
  • You can find all the latest TV shows and the movies. But you wouldn’t be able to find them all worldwide. 

These all are the newest features present in the above app. Also there are some newly added features too. 

What are the new features? 

Now this is a presence all over 200 countries. You can access it from WiFi or cellular networks. 

Download and install Amazon Prime Videos on Android TV

For Android TVs or TV boxes Amazon Prime Videos does not available. So could you download and install Prime videos on any Android TV device without any issue. There are lots of ways to do it. Best and easiest way is to use Aptoide TV.

1. Download and install Aptoide TV. Click here to download. If you does not know how to install install Aptoide TV then click here for installation guides for Aptoide TV.

2. Open Recently installed Aptoide TV app on your Android TV. Click on Search icon.

Aptoide TV Search icon

3. Search “Amazon Prime” on Aptoide TV search. Click on Search result like below.

Search Amazon Prime on Aptoide TV

4. Now you can see Prime Videos app appear on search results. Please note that this app may be not appear if you TV box does not compatible.

Click on Amazon Prime Videos Aptoide TV

5. Now you can see “Install” button appear with some app details. Click on “INSTALL”

Install Prime Videos Android TV

6. Once app download complete it will automatically redirect you to installation.

Downloading Amazon Prime Videos App

7. Enjoy.

FAQs of amazon prime apk 

  1. What is the size of this app? 

  That is about a 23.84 MB sized app. 

  1. Is that app for totally free? 

  No, you have to pay for this app. But you have to pay only for the required ones. That will be in the range of 1$-6$.

  1. Could I get it on the Google Play Store? 

   Yes, you could get it downloaded from the Google Play Store simply.

Other than the above then we see the ideas of the users. They say the best idea about the above. 

User’s Opinion

Some of them are telling me it is a very great app. But for the android devices there is no option to download the content. Also, they say this app works better than the other ones too.

App Suggestion

PS4 Remote Play


2 responses to “Amazon Prime Videos for Android TV”

  1. Harpreet Uppal Avatar
    Harpreet Uppal

    not for tv. But for travelling it is best.

  2. Imadh Liatons Avatar
    Imadh Liatons

    Feel like it is a decent app when compared with the other streaming apps. but sometimes it doesn’t give the correct search result.

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