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Day by day Android TVs become popular and popular. It is because of its cheaper prices and unlike many other smart TV devices, Android TV offers many features that most TVs don’t. Availability of apps and games for Android TV is higher than any other smart TV devices. No need to rely only on default app store for apps and games. There are many TV app stores for Android TV like Applinked, FileSynced, Unlinked, Aptoide TV and etc. Easy customization and third-party apps and games are the reason many used to like Android TV.

No need to buy Android TV to get access. You can buy Android TV box for very cheap price and connect that to your existing TV. You can use Mi BOX S, Mi Box, SkyStream, Fire TV, Fire TV stick, Fire TV cube, Nvidia Shield TV and more. There are many free Movies and TV shows applications available via third-party app stores like Applinked apk. No need to rely only on Amazon App store or Play Store TV for streaming apps and games.

About Applinked Apk

Mostly used TV app store for movies and TV shows streaming applications is Applinked. Filesynced and Unlinked does not offer public TV app store like Applinked. Therefore Applinked became the most popular TV app store compared to Filesynced and unlinked stores. You will see public store button on the home screen of Applinked app for easy access.

All available apps on public store store of applinked are nicely categorized as Live TV, Movies/Shows, TV Shows, Movies, Gaming, Sports and etc. That make it easier to discover new games, TV shows and movies apps.

You can also create your own TV app store or any other collection of photos, videos, files and etc. No need to be apps like a app store. You can use your Applinked code to make it public or sharable within friends and family.

Applinked Apk Download

As you all know it is so hard to install apk files on Android TV and Fire TV. It takes time and patient. Browsing the web using a TV web browser like Downloader or open browser is not easy. Typing takes forever with TV remote. That’s why it is recommend to use a TV app store like Applinked.

All you have to enter is few digits to install apk files on your TV box. Click here for list of latest Applinked codes. No need to enter long and hard to remember URLs on your TV download apk files. Click below link to download Applinked apk.

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