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This is a free Android TV and Fire TV app store. Where you can easily install apps are games not in play store and create your own store with your apk files. Accessing app stores created by users are simple and easy with easy to remember numbers. No need to enter hard to type long URLs to visit download page. Just a simple number for every store full of apps. Applinked apk available for free download on all Android TV boxes, Chromecast and Fire TV.

This app is mainly developed to share image collection, app collection or your list of files with friends, family, etc. However set of collection mainly focused on TV streaming apps due to its popularity among smart TV users. Below shows some of its main features.

Features of Applinked apk

Any one can create a free app store. First create your account on Applinked dashboard and create your store. Every store has a unique number. You can use that number on your Smart TV or Android TV to access your store.

You can make your store public or private. You have to add a password to make it private or accessible within selected personals. If not anyone with store code will have access. Many TV lovers make their app collection public. Click here to find popular Applinked stores.

Easily install apps and games not in play store or Amazon app store using this app. Download apk file and add that apk file to your store. Then use your applinked code to install. If not you can check on user created stores using their codes for the app you are looking for.

Provide free default app store with many TV streaming apps by applinked. This make it easier for those who does not know how to find Applinked code or how to create a store.

Recently added app category feature help visitors to find what they want quickly as possible. That make it easier to discover new apps.

Download Applinked Apk

It will take extra steps to install this app on your Android TV or Fire TV. Once installation completed, you can install any Android apk with simple clicks. Best and easiest way to download Applinked apk is using Downloader app. Click below download link to download this app.

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