What is Applinked store

Applinked is a file sharing platform where you can use it as a Android TV and Fire TV app store. Most people create their own TV app collection that ultimately called TV app store. Applinked too provide public app store within the app for all users. You can see “public store” button on the home screen of this app. Below “public store” button has app categories. Where you can discover news apps under your favorite category.

Best place to install movies and TV shows streaming applications just using a simple code instead of typing long download URLs. Find any popular or public TV code and use it to discover apps for your Android TV and Fire TV.

What is a Applinked Store

Applinked store is a shareable file collection that can be accessed using a Applinked code. Anyone can create their own store and make it accessible for everyone. Mostly many public stores are full of Movies, TV shows, Live TV and sports streaming apps for Android TV and Fire TV.

Applinked is completely different when compared to ordinary App stores like APKTime, Aptoide TV, AC Market and etc. Because it has multiple stores created by users all over the world. Some stores are public and some are not. You can password protect your file collection or app collection to make it private.

Most Applinked app stores does not contain more than 200 apps. You can use those stores to install free movies and TV Shows applications that are not in Google play store and Amazon app store. Create your store and upload apk file if you are unable to find a public store to install your favorite TV app. Many use it as apk file installer for TV boxes or Android TV.

How to create a Applinked Store

Applinked store

First go to official Applinked website and click on “Create a store” navigation button. Complete form details and submit to register. Now you have free applinked store with a Applinked code.

Next create a list of apps you want in your store. Find download links for those apk files and add them to your store. Next install applinked app on your Android TV or Fire TV. Use your Applinked code to access your list of apps. Click and install apps easily. Share you list with friends and others.

There are many free public stores. Most of those stores are full of Movies, TV shows, Live TV, Sports, IPTV and VPN apps for your TV. Click here for best Applinked stores.


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    Randal Haber

    TV apps from community is far better than and standalone app stores.

  2. Good store.

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