AppLinked apk v1.1.3 – Free Download (Official) – [3.18MB]

Size:3.18 MB
Last Updated:13th March, 2024
Downloader Code:63408

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How to install

Downloader Code for AppLinked: 63408

Enter above downloader TV code on “Downloader” app. It will automatically start to download this application to your TV. Simple and easy. You can find Downloader app on Amazon App store and Google Play Store for free.

Installation and usage is pretty simple for all Android TV boxes, Fire TV devices and Google TVs. If you don’t know how to install this application on your Android TV box, Google TV or Fire TV click below link to install it easily. Installation for Android TV and Fire TV will be the same. Since both devices has “Downloader” app on default app store.

  1. How to install AppLinked on Android TV – Step by Step with pictures
  2. How to install Applinked on FireStick and Fire TV – Step by step with pictures
  3. Quick Install AppLinked – Require basic knowledge.
  4. How to use Applinked

Unlike on earlier days, there is not frequent updates to this app. Because now this app is stable and provide all most all the required features.

Version 1.1.3 – updates and changes

  • Fixing some known bugs.
  • Interface color changes and make text more visible.

Version 1.1.1 – Update and Changes

  • Removed Donate Button
  • Remove Social Media Buttons
  • Fix stores not loading and other issues.

Version 1.1.0 – Updates and Changes

  • Change in backend servers for faster performance.
  • App configuration changes for server migrations.
  • Improve performance on all TV boxes

Versions 1.0.7 – Updates and Changes

  • Fixed install button if File Manger causing fatal error
  • Fixed Share/Send button in File manager causing error.
  • Fixed an error while downloading files
  • Fixed dialog issue on older TV boxes.

Since the day Filelinked is down, there are plenty of Filelinked alternatives appearing. One that is trending among Android TV users is AppLinked. For now it is the most similar and best Filelinked clone available for public. Among many alternatives, AppLinked received the most popularity since this was the first to release.

From version 1.0.5 upward this application managed to provide better bug free stable service to users. Unlinked other stores, you can access official AppLinked store without using any codes. Just click on the category you are looking for ( ex: movies, Live TV, TV shows, etc. ) to find available apps. All the other stores you access are saved within this app. No need to enter same code twice or remember it.

Has similar interface and function like Filelinked. This app developed by Inside4ndroid. If you visit their official website, You will see app download link and dashboard login. Unlike filelinked, you can access AppLinked stores through the website without using the app.


AppLinked Public Store

Unlike other Android TV app stores, this app has its own public store full of free Movies, TV shows, Web series, Live TV, sports, news, tools, media players, IPTV, etc. Click on “Public Store” button on the home screen of this application if you want to use this application as Play Store or without using annoying codes. You can download apps of that store without installing this application. Just visit AppLinked website and go to public store section. There you can directly download apk files your computer, TV, phone, tablet, etc.

If you want to access stores that are created by TV users click on “AppLinked Codes” button. There you can see all the apps available on each store. No need to use that code to find available apps.



  • Requirement for AppLinked code to access apps are reduced.
  • You can directly access all most all Movies, TV shows, Live TV, Sports and more apps via AppLinked app without codes


  • For store creators – Fixed issues when changing store codes.
  • Slight changes to user interface and change in text.


  1. App Not Installed


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  1. NV player not in my TV. I want good apk.

  2. Marko sakina Avatar
    Marko sakina

    I have my own private library

  3. carol weneger Avatar
    carol weneger

    Bought Xiaomi TV BOX 2nd Gen. Set this app store. Used default store in it. first choice to get apps and games for TV.

  4. best free app to watch watch movies ?

  5. Bought a new firestick. access my store and reinstall everything i want. love this app.

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  7. Richard byron Avatar
    Richard byron

    Best apk to use? I’ve tried unlinked, applinked none of them install apps just want.

  8. This app seems to be useful and easy to use, with its free download and 3.18 MB size. It would be interesting to try it out and see how it works for me.

  9. I’m using Cinema HD downloaded from applinked. I play multiple captions. How to stop unwanted captions.

  10. Tony Trotter Avatar
    Tony Trotter

    How can I watch nitro rallycross live?

  11. My favorite code store ever had. more apps and games. One more thing How can I watch nitro rallycross live?

  12. Installed on my chromecast. Need codes for latest Disney movie app.

  13. yes

  14. Does it work on Insignia Fire TV

  15. thomas neil Avatar
    thomas neil

    Thank you. Working official version with every instruction on installing.

  16. Jeffrey tea Avatar
    Jeffrey tea

    Installed it. Do i need to use codes. Using default one without codes

  17. Need code for magellan TV can someone help please

  18. Dale Diaz Avatar
    Dale Diaz

    Looking for codes for live tv that work everyone has codes that don’t work at all

  19. filelinked Avatar

    Use 5555

  20. Darryl fox Avatar
    Darryl fox

    Ain’t used applinked in a while and don’t know what to look for these days, looking for a code for some decent movie apks.

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