AppStarter for Fire TV and Firestick

App Starter Firestick and Fire TV

App Starter is like a third party launcher you used on your Android phones. If you does not like how Android TV present all available apps, you can choose any Android TV launcher available on the play store. App Starter APK for Firestick is one of the cleanest and nicest looking Android TV launcher.

This Firestick or Fire TV launcher looks more like your phone all apps section. Because this Fire TV launcher arrange all your Android TV apps in one place. No app categorization or app separation available. Just like how iPhone shows all the apps.

Some times third party apps installed from internet ( apps not installed via Play Store or Amazon App Store) will not show on Android TV home page. If you want to access those apk files you can use this app starter for firestick.

Customization options on App Starter

App Starter home screen

There are no many customization features of this launcher. You can’t categorize all your apps so that you can easily access recent or frequently used apps easily.

You can change icon size. Icon size vary from 0 to 200 in DPI. 200 DPI will able to show 4 app icons in a row. You can change Fire TV home screen wallpaper or background image. You can hide or show left side app drawer. You can also hide system apps too. There are some other minor features comes with this app.

App Stater for Firestick and Fire TV

This app is completely free. No root needed. Just download and install it for free. If you have Google play store you can download and install latest version of this app directly from Google play store. Support other Android TV devices too.

If you are a Fire TV or Firestick user you can download latest version of App Stater for Fire TV directly from Filelinked. Use below Filelinked code.

Filelinked Code for App Stater: 11111111

AppStarter Filelinked code

Search “Starter” on above Filelinked Store. There are you can see latest version of AppStarter for Firestick.

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