Aptoide TV App

Aptoide TV app

Aptoide TV is widely used by Fire TV users. Because it is the easiest way to get access for play store TV apps and games. Amazon App store on Fire TV devices does not have many apps and games like on play store. Best alternative app store available for Fire TV Stick and Fire TV cube is this app store.

Default TV app stores does not show or allow Android apps on your TV only allow Android TV apps and games. Because of compatibility issues. Those apps are developed to work with touch screen and does not work nicely with TV and hard to control with TV remote. Using a mouse or mouse pointer app will solve most of those issues. But how to install those apps on your TV?

You can use web browser application like open browser or downloader. Searching and downloading apk files using a web browser is not a easy task like you do with your phone. Navigating and typing with TV remote is not simple. Best and easiest solution is using Aptoide TV.

Aptoide TV app offers not only TV apps and games, but also Android phone apps and games too. There are two sections in search results of this app store. First section or “compatible section” shows TV version of the app. second section or “All results section” shows all available apk files including Android versions too. That make it easier to install your Android apps on your TV.

Features of Aptoide TV app

No need to register or login to install apps on Aptoide TV like on Amazon App store and Play Store. You can download and install this app store on your TV and start to use without any hesitation.

Home page of this app store has many sections as installed apps, trending apps, new releases and etc. Install apps sections shows all installed apps and games in one place. That make it easier to manage your installations. Trending section shows all popular TV apps and games. You can try those popular apps on your TV too. New section helps to discover newly released apps for your TV.

All apps and game on Aptoide Android TV app is nicely categorized as health, house and home, Art and design, Entertainment, Shopping, Communication, Social, tools and etc. You can discover apps on desired section without wasting time.

Provide automatic updates for installed apps. No need to manually download and install apk file when there is a new version. App stores like this can check for updates automatically and update them for you like Play store.

You can install apps to your Android TV or Fire TV from your smartphone. That make is easier to sideload downloaded apk files to your TV. You can use this feature if any searched app is not on Aptoide TV.

Download Aptoide TV app

This is a free Android TV and Fire TV app store. You can download this app store to your smart TV using a TV web browser like Open Browser or Downloader. Click below link to download and to follow installation guidelines on how to install this app store.

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