May 22, 2023

Aptoide TV

Aptoide TV
Name:Aptoide TV
Version:v5.1.2 (531)
Size:11.35 MB
Support:Android TV, Fire TV, Google TV, Android phones
Category:Android TV app Store
Last Updated:22nd May, 2023
Downloader Code:610871

Click above link to download latest version of Aptoide TV app store for any Android device including Fire TV, Android TV, Shield TV, Google TV, Android phones and tablets quickly and easily. One of the best TV BOX Store that works on all most all. Best Play Store TV and Amazon App Store alternative available for free.

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Downloader code for Aptoide TV: 610871

Use above Downloader TV code to quickly download and install on your TV. You can find “Downloader” app on Google play store and Amazon App store. First use TV box default app store to install “Downloader” app and then use above code for faster installation of any app.

This is an allocation that offers optimization of your Android TV. That is no matter if that is a smart TV or an android TV. You can simply download the above app for any Android TV or Android TV box for free. From this one, you could make a Catalog of entertainment systems. That may be consistent with the movie series, live TV. For the smartphones and the tablets the above Aptoide TV app offers similar content to both of them. The Aptoide TV is compatible with the amazon Fire TV devices like Fire Stick, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV cube, Fire TV Stick 4K and etc. Those are the main details about the Aptoide TV. That is not only ordinary TV app. But there are important features of such an app. We will see some of them now. 


  1. Features
  2. Advantages
  3. Disadvantages
  4. Android TV app Store
  5. How to Install Guides

Features of the Aptoide TV APK 

  • There are the applications that were edited by the editors of Aptoide. 
  • There are many applications, those are the most popular and most famous ones. 
  • Can be used as search engine for Android TV. 
  • Wide varieties of games, Streaming apps, TV apps, Movie Apps, Sport channels apps and many more.
  • You can find here a separate section of apps. 
  • Easy to settings 

From here you could find plenty of applications no one can find from another app. I mean you wouldn’t be able to find some of them on the official stores either. That is really advantageous and useful. But, there may be disadvantages too. 

Aptoide TV home screen

That means you have to pay attention to this app while working on it. Because some malware and spyware attractions may take place with this app. Every app and games on this apps are not developed or owned by Aptoide. So there would be a problem regarding the security of the apps offered. What is the reason for that? Because all apps don’t go through any verification process. 

I think now you can understand the use of this kind of app and even the risk of using an app like Aptoide TV. 

Then we will see some other advantages that we could get by downloading Aptoide TV. 

Advantages of Aptoide TV

  • We are able to find apps that are not the presence in the Google Play Store 
  • This app automatically updates all the pre-installed apps 
  • The app can update the apps in the operating system too.
  • The developers can promote their own products from here by using the above app
  • From here you are able to download the paid apps for free. 

Those are the advantages that could be obtained by the Aptoide TV. When comparing the advantages, the disadvantages are very less. 

Disadvantages of Aptoide TV 

  • There is no verification processes running in the Aptoide TV like the Google play store 
  • Harmful agents like spyware and malware may be present.

According to the above details Aptoide is less secured. But there are multiple uses of Aptoide TV. But most of the People have common questions. That is, 

Is Aptoide a legal app? 

We don’t want to cause trouble. That is why the above questions came in front. Aptoide is a legal app. You can download what you want from exceptional Web sites and web pages.

Android TV app Store

Aptoide TV Store is one of the best app store when it comes to Android TV. If you does not like Filelinked which is the most popular way to sideload Android TV apps, you can use this app. No codes. However, filelinked is no longer available. Now you can use AppLinked, FileSynced or Unlinked.

It is very similar to play store for Android TV. So easy to use with remote. Support all most all Android TV boxes like Nvidia Shield TV, Skystream, Mi Box, Minix Neo, Matricom, Zidoo, EZ-Stream, Q-Box and many more.

How to install Aptoide TV Guides

We are keep adding separate guides for each TV boxes soon as we can.

How to install on Android TV

How to install on Fire TV Stick and Fire TV

How to install Aptoide TV on Nvidia Shield TV


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