Auralux Constellations Android TV Game

auralux constellations TV box

Bored of playing the same game for months on your TV BOX? Or looking for a new TV BOX game? Here is one of the best games I found while searching for a game to play in my leisure time. I found this game really interesting. So, thought to share some of the features of this great game with you. The game I am very fond of playing is the game Auralux Constellations TV.

Auralux: Constellations Google TV Game

This can consider as a relaxing game as well as a real-time strategic game which has the possibility to take us to your own world when you are playing it. Just simply you have to conquer some of the planets by using your power. The mechanics are very simple and easy to adjust. You have to win against your opponents. At the start of the game, you can wait more patiently and play it calmly. But when the time passes you have to be very wise and alert to save your planets. Do not let the others to invade your space territory.

Cool features of Auralux: Constellations

I love the graphics of the game very much. I am sure that you also will love it badly. It looks like a night sky with some stars near to us. If you want you can zoom out the interface or you can zoom in to have a better view.

The music of the game is very calming and nice. The game varies according to your actions inside the game. If you want to reduce the volume of the sounds and the music you can do it in the setting option.

There are around 150 levels inside the game for you to have fun. Playing this game will not become boring. you may get addict to this amazing game for certain. There are many maps listed in the game. some of them includes Bisect, Crush, Drill, Freeway, Reboot etc. Full of fun and joy.

There are two modes of playing this game. Either you can play in the single player mode or the multiplayer mode. You can play the multiplayer game in local mode or with the online partners. You can choose 2,3 or 4 players at once. And also, you can have different types like random match, create private or join private options.

There are many maps listed in the game. some of them includes Bisect, Crush, Drill, Freeway, Reboot etc. Full of fun and joy. When you are moving along the game you will come up with many excitements and twists to play and win. For the victory you need to very strategic and wise.

The game definitely helps you to develop your strategic thinking power as well as the decision-making power for sure. You can play this in all your android devices and it is a nice experience if you are going to play this in your large screen of the Android TV. Hurry and download it easily from your Google Play Store or any other app store.

Download Auralux Constellations for Android TV

This game available for installation on Android TV, Google TV and Fire TV devices. Support all most all TV boxes including Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV pro, Mi BOX S, SkyStream, Firestick, Firestick 4K, Firestick lite, Chromecast and more.

Open Play Store application if you Android TV box support play store service. If not you can try using Filelinked or Aptoide TV. Those are two major alternatives available for Android TV boxes to install any Android app or game on your TV.

play store Android TV

Now type “auralux”. You will see this game appear on search results like below picture.

auralux constellations TV Install

Now select or click on “INSTALL” to begin installation. Enjoy this awesome game. For better gaming experience use game controller or gamepad.

Installing auralux constellations Android TV