Blocky – TV Parental Remote

Blocky for Android TV and Fire TV

It might be difficult to keep an eye on what our kids are seeing on television and what they are being exposed to in the current digital era. As parents, we want to make sure that our children are not exposed to harmful material that could stunt their growth and affect their health. Blocky, a TV Parental Remote application has been created to aid with this issue. Block apps, limit daily app usage, time schedule for apps and more with this blocky parental control app. Support all most all Android TV boxes, Fire TV devices and Google TV.

Features of Blocky TV app

The Blocky app differs from other parental control apps due to a number of unique and helpful features. It starts out by providing a personalized recommendation system that provides TV episodes and movies depending on your child’s age and preferences. The app then carefully analyzes your child’s viewing history using machine learning algorithms and provides customized, engaging recommendations.
The app also features a robust parental control system that enables parents to define precise viewing restrictions for their kids.

Using the app, parents can control access to certain content that might not be age-appropriate for their children, block particular channels or shows, establish daily screen time limitations, and even limit daily screen time. The social network integration of the Blocky TV app is another noteworthy aspect. Parents can interact with other parents using the app and exchange advice and experiences of their own. Parents who can feel unsure about whether programs or films are suitable for their kids can use the app’s community feature as a great resource to understand and to enhance their own knowledge.

How to use Blocky

Both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store includes the Blocky TV app which can easily be downloaded in to your device. The application is available to be downloaded for free and offers a seven-day free trial before users must subscribe to continue using the service.

Parents must first create a profile for their child on the app, including information about their age and interests. Once this is complete, the app will start looking at your child’s viewing history and start making recommendations that are specifically based on their tastes.

In addition, parents can block access to material that might not be appropriate for their child’s age and set viewing limitations. When your child tries to access blocked content or goes over their daily screen time limit, the app then instantly notifies you which will come in handy for parents.

Install Android TV parental control app

The Blocky – TV Parental Remote app is a great resource for parents who wish to keep tabs on their kids’ viewing habits and steer them toward more appropriate suitable material. The application stands out in the parental control market thanks to its personalized recommendation system, parental control system, and social network integration. Take the first step toward providing your family with a more informed and responsible viewing experience by downloading the app right away.

You can use default app store on your Amazon Fire TV or Android TV box to install this app. Support all most all TV boxes including Mi BOX, Shield TV, SkyStream, Chromecast and more. Follow below mentioned instructions to install block on your Android TV.

First open Google play store application of your TV. Then go to search and type “blocky”. You will see this application appear on search results. Select it.

Install Blocky on Android TV

Now select “Install to begin installation.

Parental Control for Android TV

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