BoomPlay – Music Downloader for Android TV

Boomplay Fire TV and Android TV Install

Best Android TV and Fire TV Music streaming and downloading app. You can easily install Boomplay TV app on any Android TV, Fire TV and Chromecast for free. Has more than 80 million songs to choose and can play your favorite songs offline too.

Find Best Relaxation with Music

One of the most searched modes in todays busy world is to find the best of satisfying relaxation. And this relaxation mode must fit into the peoples busy daily schedules. With many  areas of work involving official duties and private chores makes time factor becoming critical by the day.

This is evident by the common expression by the people saying, “Couldn’t attend to that important matter as could not find the time” Busier the life does leave people more tired and stressed. This makes it important more than ever to find ways to calm the weariness and the stress to maintain the right momentum to carry on with life.

No wonder music from time immemorial continues to be one top favorite with people all over the world. The contents of music is so large and varied that it caters to the fancy and taste of all the people. To signify this further have anyone heard people anywhere stating in general  “Uh! music I hate or dislike” Maybe one particular song will be disliked but not all.

Music is beneficial to people in many ways such as, Boosting memory. People very often sing their favorite songs from memory. Boosting Mood. Music is well reputed to fix moods. When feeling low music will bound to lift spirits high. Anxiety. Listening to favorite music makes one brush off anxiety. These are few out of many more advantages music brings to lives of people.

And here’s bringing more sweet music to your life. To make music more enjoyable and easy reach is that amazing, well designed Boomplay Music Downloader app for TV.

Boomplay TV Music Player

Downloading makes it possible to listen offline. Enjoy the hits whenever wanted to. Featured is MP3 technology to reduce file size of the contents thereby optimizing storage space in the TV boxes. All most all TV boxes and TV sticks have very little storage space ranging from 4GB to 16GB. This feature will help to store more songs without occupying storage space.

Over 75 million hit songs of various mixes and varieties such as Pop music, Afro beats, Afro pops, Rock, and Reggae serving the best hits to the listeners. And all of these from the top artists of the world over.

Stream 24/7 the best of the latest songs, trending songs, curated playlists and download the ones you want to listen offline. Personalized service offered. Boomplay offers its users recommendations. So handy as one could as per the choice find what one wants by accessing the apps recommendations.

With its social features the users can interact with their favorite artists and stay updated with their music and news of interest. With extras provided by Boomplay like games makes this app one of the greatest music apps in existence. Bring back those rosy cheeks ladies. Keep smiling gentlemen. Yes, this is bound to happen with all of this favorite sweet music played for your listening pleasure by the super Boomplay Music Downloader app installed in your personal smart device. Be it a smartphone, Tab, or Smart TV you got it! Relaxation to get rid of weariness and stress has never been better.

Install Boomplay on TV

You can install this TV box music player app on any Android TV box, Android TV stick, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV cube and Chromecast devices. If you are unable to install this application using default app store, you can try using AppLinked apk, FileSynced apk or UnLinked apk. Those are the main and popular TV app stores to install Android apps you want for free. Follow below mention procedure to install Boomplay on TV.

First open Google play store app. Then go to search and type “Boomplay”. You will see this application appear on search results like below picture. Select it.

Stream Music on Android TV

Then click on “Install” button to begin installation. That’s all.

Install Boomplay Android TV


4 responses to “BoomPlay – Music Downloader for Android TV”

  1. Alejandro Marty Avatar
    Alejandro Marty

    This used to be my favourite music app but right now, Going back to downloading my music from the web.

  2. Thruthley Avatar

    Tried most of those offline music apps. this is the so far good music TV app I have.

  3. Jamey Ferrise Avatar
    Jamey Ferrise

    Do not rearrange my playlist. It is annoying. Push update to stop

  4. Ondigo Obeg Avatar
    Ondigo Obeg

    Old app was much better. New updates and features full of ads make using this app hard and boring.

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