Butterfly Fish Aquarium TV – Aquarium for Android TV and Fire TV

Install Fish Aquarium App on TV

What do you normally do to refresh and calm your mind? Do you like to watch beautiful fish swimming in a tank? Then there is an innovative and a simple way right before your eyes now. Butterfly Fish Aquarium TV. An innovative way to refresh your mind by watching fish swim. This brings the wonder of saltwater aquarium right at your living room.

What is Butterfly Fish Aquarium TV?

Butterfly Fish Aquarium TV, an Android TV App is the best way to have some mesmerizing experience right at your living room. Looking an aquarium indeed is a best way to refresh your mind. So, now you have one such nice virtual aquarium full of beautiful fishes and wonderful sceneries. Download this unique and cool app now on your Android TV and experience the visual and the auditory wonder of underwater on your big screen.

Features of Butterfly Fish Aquarium TV

Wide variety of Butterflyfish

As the name suggests the aquarium is full of different types of Butterfly fishes. These precisely created species surely brings the beauty of real-life fishes. Seeing these fishes swimming on your living room certainlu makes your day a wonderful and a relaxing one.

Colorful underwater world

I am pretty sure that you will get addicted to this wonderful water world. If you are looking at this aquarium you will feel like you really are in the heaven. The healing ability the aquarium owns is a miracle. I think it is mostly due to the colorful world, the app is creating. You will be able to see corals, rocks, different aquatic creatures, light rays penetrating through water, air bubbles making sounds and so on in this virtual aquarium.

Customize your view

This is also one of the outstanding features the app embraces. Make your aquarium the way you want by customizing its features. Choose the best fit tank size, fish species you want, theme, decorations like corals and rocks and many more things as per your wish.

Relaxing and calming soundscapes

Butterfly Fish Aquarium TV is not only to please your eyes. But this is also for your ears. The peaceful water lapping sounds, soft whisper of the air bubbles, the distant whine of underwater will take you to a whole now world of calm and peace.

Offline viewing

No matter where you are you still can enjoy this serene aquarium due to its offline viewing ability. So, you can have this on your Android mobile also and take it anywhere you go. If you want a relaxation from your busy schedule then sure you must have this wonderful virtual aquarium with you. Download this wonderful app on your Android TV now and open the gateway to a fascinating whole new world under water.

Install Aquarium app on Android TV

Below shows step by step guide on installing nice aquarium app on Android TV boxes. Support all most all Android TVs including Mi BOX, Nvidia Shield TV, X95 series and more.

First open “Play Store” application of your Android TV. Then go to search and type “butterfly fish aquarium”. You will see this application on search results while typing like below picture. Select it.

Install Butterfly Fish Aquarium on Android TV

Now select “Install” button to begin installation.

Aquarium App for Android TV

Most Android based smart TVs does not have play store. You can use third-party TV app stores like Aptoide TV which is the best play store alternative to install any play store application. For movies and TV shows use Applinked, FileSynced or Unlinked app stores.


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