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Calm Wildlife TV app for Smart TV

What you do in your leisure time? Reading books, watching films and TV shows, playing, or watching documentaries? Here is another wonderful leisure time activity which helps you to refresh and calm your mind. If you are a wildlife lover then here comes the best app for you. Get free from your everyday hustles and bustles with Calm Wildlife TV right in front of you.

What is Calm Wildlife TV?

Calm Wildlife TV is a wonderful app that let you watch peaceful and calming natural wildlife videos. If I say simply Calm Wildlife TV is a wildlife streaming service you can have in your Android TV and Fire TV devices. If you use this app even a once, I am certain that you fall love with this brilliant app and will get addicted.

Features of Calm Wildlife TV

Watch to watch through Calm Wildlife TV

  • This let you enjoy thousands of natural wildlife videos throughout the globe. The huge library of the app includes videos of each and every animal like lions, tigers, elephants, peacocks, bears, whales and so on.
  • The app includes videos that shows the actual habitats or the lifestyles of the wild life ecosystems.
  • You can experience the thrill of real wildlife ecosystems and feel the calm and the quietness of the environment while enjoying its flora and fauna.
  • This gives you the feeling that you really are in the wild among numerous fauna and flora if you are having this app right on your big screen of the living room.
  • Some of the videos included in the app can be considered as African, Asia, Europe wildlife videos, ocean wildlife videos,
  • It also includes documentaries on wildlife all around the globe together with wildlife relax videos, nature sound videos and wildlife music videos.

what you gain through Calm Wildlife TV?

  • The app is known for its competence in relaxing your mind.
  • If you are watching these exciting wildlife videos it is guaranteed that you can overcome and be free from insomnia, stress and bad moods.
  • Furthermore, you can improve your mental well being as it leads to improve the concentration, relaxation and also calm your mind.

Other features of Calm Wildlife TV

  • High quality videos with 4K ultra-HD resolution.
  • 30-day free trial period before subscribing to it. Enjoy this free trail and get to know more about the app before buying.
  • Create your own videos list by adding them to your playlist by tapping “Add to playlist”.
  • Sleep timer option is also available solely for your comfort.

Finally, I would life to say that Calm Wildlife TV is one of the relaxing apps you can have on your Android TV. Download this now on your smart TV and enjoy all its benefits and be free from your stress while experiencing natural wildlife habitats.

Install Wildlife Videos app on Android TV

Below shows step by step with images on how to install Android TV app that provide animal videos or wildlife videos 24/7. Here we are using default app store that comes with every Android TV boxes and Android TVs. Support most devices including Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX, SkyStream, X95 series and more. For devices without play store TV can use TV app stores like Applinked, FileSynced, Unlinked or Aptoide TV to sideload this app.

First open Play Store application of your Android TV. Then navigate to search and type “calm wildlife tv”. You will see this app appear on search results while typing like below picture. Select it.

Anima Wildlife videos and documentaries app for Android TV

Now select “install” to begin installation.

Install Calm Wildlife TV app on Android TV

Enjoy wildlife documentaries.


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  1. Good for my daughter to teach and learn about animals before visiting zoo.

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