Lounge TV for Android TV and Fire TV

Want to try out unique music video app on your Android TV, Google TV or Fire TV devices. Try Lounge TV. Lounge TV provide music with video comprising many categories including travel, nature, luxury, lifestyle and more. Music Entertainment Even though entertainment is not considered one of the basic needs for human survival, you, and Read more about Lounge TV for Android TV and Fire TV[…]

DTube Client for Android TV

DTube Client for TV

DTube Client is the best YouTube alternative for free. You can easily install DTube client app on any Android TV, Google TV, Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV using default app store. DTube offers free video streaming like on YouTube. Quality Video Streaming on TV With the ever-increasing demand for quality video here’s taking the pleasure Read more about DTube Client for TV[…]

TikTok for Android TV

TikTok for Android TV and Fire TV

Now you can install most popular video stream app which is TikTok on your TV. Watch all your favorite TikTok videos now using your TV. Since all TikTok videos are in portrait mode, you will see black margins on either side of the TV. Explore and enjoy TikTok using Android TV, Chromecast, Google TV and Read more about TikTok for Android TV and Fire TV[…]

Vimeo – YouTube Alternative for Android TV and Fire TV

Vimeo is one of the best video streaming app like YouTube. You can install this free video streaming application on your Android TV, Chromecast, Google TV and Fire TV devices to enjoy videos uploaded by video creators all over the world like on YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok. Video Programs From many centuries ago the world of Read more about Vimeo – YouTube Alternative for Android TV and Fire TV[…]

Rumble for Android TV

Rumble – YouTube Alternative

If you are looking for YouTube like video streaming app for your Android TV or Fire TV, then try Rumble. Best video streaming app like YouTube for your TV. You will find all most all features like on YouTube on this video streaming application. Full compatible with all Android TV boxes, Google TV, Chromecast, Fire Read more about Rumble – YouTube Alternative[…]

Big Ten Network for Android TV

Big Ten Network+

Watch Big Ten Networks originals and more now on Android TV and Fire TV. Big Ten Network plus for Android TV offers video streaming, Game Streaming, vast collection of originals, classic game streaming and more. Best Entertainment Source “Television is simply automated daydreaming”, said Lee Loevinger. Agree or not, it is indeed truly one of Read more about Big Ten Network+[…]

MyOutdoorTV for Android TV


Are you are fan of shooting, hunting and fishing. Love to watch videos related to those areas on TV. Then MyOutdoorTV app is the best choice. Now you can watch exclusive series of hunting, fishing and shooting videos using Android TV and Fire TV. Television Television has come a long way since its innovation. Frank Read more about MyOutdoorTV[…]

Here TV for Android TV and Fire TV

Here TV

Here TV for Android TV and Fire TV devices offers many originals and exclusive programs for its users. With subscription you will get access to award wining movies, TV shows and documentaries. Here TV has its popular collection of originals such as Shelter, Departures and etc. If you like Emmy-nominated documentaries, then check out 30 Read more about Here TV[…]

Gaia for Android TV and Fire TV

Gaia for Android TV

Are you looking for inspiring films and documentaries that helps for meditation, spiritual growth and more. Gaia is specially designed fuel the pursuit of your highest potential. You can stream over thousands of such videos using your Android TV and Fire TV. Find best guide for your path with Yoga, Inspiring Movies, Documentaries, Luminaries, and more. Read more about Gaia for Android TV[…]

UP Faith and Family for TV BOX

UP Faith & Family

Best app to watch quality dramas, Faith stories, family comedies, documentaries and many more that are safe for the entire family. Get rid of all other Movies and TV shows applications that are not suitable for your family. Use UP Faith and Family application to watch quality and suitable dramas, videos, documentaries and all other Read more about UP Faith & Family[…]

ACE Stream for Android TV

Ace Stream Media

One of the best media player application that fully developed to work on Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices. Unlike other media players applications, Ace Stream media has nice and easy to use interface with TV remote. Easily play all your local videos and movies using this TV box media player application. Many Android Read more about Ace Stream Media[…]

Dailymotion videos for TV BOX

Dailymotion – Best home Videos for Android TV and Fire TV

We all like to keep updated with almost all the things happening around the world. Everything including news, sports, entertainment and so on. There are many platforms which we can use to watch all most all the videos we want addition to our television. Here is also one of the apps you can use to Read more about Dailymotion – Best home Videos for Android TV and Fire TV[…]