Dinesy Plus for Fire TV Stick – How to install

install disney plus on fire tv

Disney Plus is the recently released Movies and TV series streaming service from Disney. This app does not contain only Disney Movies and TV series. It contain Movies and TV series from others too. Disney plus offers Movies and TV series from:

  1. Disney
  2. Pixar
  3. Marvel
  4. Star Wars
  5. National Geographic
  6. etc…

This app available on Android and IOS too. For any Android user who has Google Play Store just go ahead and search Disney plus on Play Store to download latest version. Fire TV users can download this app from Amazon App Store. I will take you step by step in installing this app on your Amazon Fire TV.


  1. How to install Disney plus on Fire TV
    1. Search disney plus
    2. Install Disney Plus

How to install Disney Plus

Installation is pretty simple. No need to follow hard procedures or no need to enable security options, since this app officially available on Amazon App Store.

Step 01: Search “Disney Plus”

Go to search using your remote and type “Disney Plus”. Or you can directly say “Disney Plus” using Alexa voice button on your remote. Choose the easiest way you like. Since this app is new to Fire TV it will be difficult to find this app on search results. Later or at the time of reading this article Disney plus app will be the first result.

Searching Disney plus on Fire TV

From the search results you can see Disney movies, games and apps. Go to “Apps and Games” section.

Go to apps and games section on Fire TV disney app search

From apps and games section find Disney plus app. Below shows the logo of Disney plus app.

Disney Plus Logo

Step 02: Installing Disney Plus Amazon Fire TV

Select that app from search results.

Now install Disney Plus app just like installing any other app.

installing disney plus fire tv

Once installation complete open it. At first you will ask to login. If you does not have any login create one.

Disney plus home screen

Before subscribing to Disney plus service you can try out this app. Disney Plus offers 7 day free trial. Before buying this service right away I highly recommend you to go through free trial. Because it may help you to decide whether you can subscribe to another movies and TV series service like Netflix, Amazon prime videos and more.


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  1. Jamshaid Rajpoot Avatar
    Jamshaid Rajpoot

    Missing group watch.

  2. not interested. not a easy app to use.

  3. I never though Disney will comes with Movie Streaming service with such good movies content. Best for kids.

  4. Ramina Alanso Avatar
    Ramina Alanso

    It got a nice collection of movies. Loves a lot. โ˜€๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ‘

  5. Marcus Wagner Avatar
    Marcus Wagner

    Thank god it is on Amazon App Store.

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