Does not Commute – Strategic Driving Game for Android TV | Fire TV

Does not Commute Android TV BOX Game

Does not commute is a Android driving game. Not a car racing game that pulse your heart rate. This is a strategic driving game for your Android TV and Fire TV. Commute in a small town to a traffic chaos and more as you play this game. Support all most all Android TV boxes, Android TV sticks, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, Google TV, Chromecast and all.

Benefits of Better Games

Video games are filled with excitement and action. Not only does this allow one to have a good time during their leisure time or whenever they are bored, but it also plays a major role in preserving ones mental sanity and wellbeing.

Playing video games often helps one to maintain positive attitude, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and also allows one to engage with communities in multiplayer games. This will also benefit your social interactions and help you make the most of your gaming experience.

Gaming does not make one stuck to their room or have less experience. But it often helps one to gain more skills such as enhanced levels of concertation, decision making skills, quick thinking ability, and many more. Addressing these and also bringing only what is the best and most exciting for you, Does not Commute TV, the incredible driving game has been developed for all gaming and driving enthusiasts out there.

Does not Commute Gameplay

The award-winning developers of Smash Hit have created a strategic driving game. The only person to blame for the temporal conundrum of the commute is you. In the 1970s, a pleasant ride through a small town suddenly turns into a chaotic scene of sports cars, hot dog trucks, school buses, and dozens of other vehicles.

You irritate everyone. Be prepared. Stay on time! Do not dare get late. Find out about the people and their secrets in this little town. What revolutionary experiment is creative dentist Dr. Charles Schneider holding back? Will Mr. Baker leave his position as an advertiser? What on earth is Mrs. Griffin’s face covered in? Will Mr. Mayfield’s strange compulsion for Yorkshire Terriers rule his life? Does Not Commute is available without charge and is ad-free.

You can choose to continue from checkpoints by making a one-time in-app purchase for an optional premium upgrade. The game is filled with exciting storylines and super fun activities that will never leave you with a single dull moment.

You can belong to any age category, anywhere around the world, stuck in traffic, in a bring class, work meeting, or anywhere around the world. With ‘Does not commute’ by your side, you will never have a dull moment.

The game will allow you to delve into a world filled with exciting entertainment, adventure, and many other fun-filled activities that will make your day. Ever been super tired after an exhausting day or week? With ‘Does not commute’ by your side, you can now experience a world full of stress-free relaxation and a fun filled session of entertainment by yourself or even with your friends.

All you got to do is install the app and enjoy some adventure at the comfort of your very own fingertips. Say goodbye to all of the stress that has been weighing you throughout your day and welcome some entertainment and fun thanks to this gaming app. The features and gaming interface on the app will make sure you never miss out on a single bit of fun!

Install Does Not Commute Game on TV

This is a free Android TV and Fire TV game that work smoothly on cheap to high end TV boxes and TV sticks. You easily find this game on default app store for free. This game is not available on certain regions and for some devices. You can use AppLinked app or FileSynced app to install this game if it is not available on play store. AppLinked and FileSynced allow you to install TV apps and games without any restriction or limitation. Follow below mention procedure to install this game on your TV.

Open Google Play Store and go to search. Then type “Does not commute”. You will see this game appear on search results. Select it.

Now select “Install” to begin installation.

Install Does Not Commute TV Game


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    Great game and addictive. Much nicer on TV than on phone.

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