DOGTV – Programs created just for dogs


DOGTV is the best video streaming application that keep your DOG entertained throughout the day. All programs are scientifically designed to keep dogs relaxed, clam and entertained. If you have Android TV, Google TV or Fire TV, then use DOG TV application. This dog or puppy only video streaming application fully compatible with Android TVs and Fire TVs.

Pup-parent’s Dream to keep dogs happy

We all know why dogs are considered man’s best friend. Dogs are one of the most loyal and lovable creatures on earth. They not only fill our hearts with love and warmth, but they also seem to be there for you whenever you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. T

heir little fur coats fill our hearts with love we never thought we have. Dogs love unconditionally and they are the most comforting thing you could own in your life. Keeping your pup safe and happy is extremely important. Studies have proven that TV time is essential to keep your dog happy and content.

With the hectic daily routine almost, everyone seems to be having, spending all of our time with our dogs is impossible. Leaving them behind at home might feel heart breaking. But I have the best solution for all of you. Whenever its owner leave the house, dogs need to be kept occupied and stimulated in order to avoid them from feeling the loneliness, boredom, or anxiety. This is why PTV media has introduced the all new DogTV app for all you dog mom’s and dad’s out there for just an affordable price.

Features of DOGTV

The content on the app is created especially for your pups with high scientific research and studies in order to keep them relaxed, calm and also super entertained. You might have to leave them behind, or just need some time for work, you no longer have to worry about your little pup because DogTV will keep them occupied with the best.

Pet experts have claimed that special content has been created for the sense of vision of your dog through years of research and studies. These visual and hearing will help your dogs natural patterns of behavior and will make your doggo an extremely happy, healthy, and entertained dog. Just like humans need some entertainment in their life to avoid stress and poor mental health, your dog too needs some entertainment and relaxation after a whole day of playing around and being cute. The content will ensure your dog to be less likely to develop stress and separation anxiety which will keep them happy and content throughout the day.

All of the programs on the app has been created based on research and assessments on a dog’s daily life cycle and what they need the most. Stimulation, Exposure, and Relaxation, the three segments of content will help your dog relax its mind and get itself engaged in fun-filled activities that will keep it happy and occupied.

DogTV also comprises if educational programs for all of you dog owners, so you know you’re doing an amazing job with your little pup! So, treat your furball like the amazing little thing it already is, with the best.

How to install Dog TV app

You can easily install this application on smart TVs that run Android. If not you can use Android TV box, Google TV box or Fire TV stick or Fire TV cube. All those devices will support since all those devices are based on Android. Instead of trying hard procedures, first try to install this application using default app store that comes with the device. Please check end of this article for guidelines. If it does not worked, then try AppLinked, FileSynced or Aptoide TV. Those are best and easiest options out there.

Install on Android TV

First open Play Store application and go to search. Then type “dogtv”. You will see this application appear on search results while typing. Select it.

Dog TV for Android TV

Then select “Install” to begin installation.

Install Dog TV on Android TV

Install on Amazon Fire TV

Best Fire TV video streaming application for your Dog. Now you can easily download and install this application directly from Amazon App Store. Follow below guideline to install videos created for your Dogs app.

First open “App Store” application on the home screen of your Fire TV. Then go to search and type “dogtv”. You will see text suggestions like below picture. Select correct app name from it.

DOG TV App for Fire TV

Now you will see all the results for your search. Now select this app like on below picture.

Videos for your DOG Fire TV

Click on download icon like on below picture to install.

Install DOGTV app Fire TV

There are many free Android app stores available for Fire TV like Applinked, Filesynced, Unlinked and Aptoide TV. Easily download and install any TV app store using Downloader app and try free Movies and TV shows applications.


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