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DroidVPN Android TV

DroidVPN is the best premium VPN for your Android TV. If you need to unblock all the websites, streaming apps, video content in the world or if you need to hide your online activities from the others then DroidVPN is the best choice that you can choose for FREE out of many other VPNs out there in the app market. More importantly this DroidVPN is the easiest VPN that you can use on your Android TV and Fire TV without any doubt. 

What is DroidVPN?

DroidVPN can be identified as the easiest VPN that you could use in your Android TV BOX. There are several functions that are performing by a VPN tool. Below are some of the services that you could obtain by having this great DroidVPN tool in your Google TV. It may be the mobile, your tablet or your personal TV including Google TV, Android TV or Fire TV. You can have this in all your Android devices making you fully secured.

Why we need to be secured?

  • In today’s digital world each of us are using internet daily. Now it is a known problem that when we are using internet, we could leak our personal data via different ways. This condition is surely invading our privacy. So, as solution to above problem VPNs got in to use. Now this great tool is becoming popular among most of the internet users as a measure of protecting the online privacy. Through this, it will completely hide our online activities or online log. No one can see what we have done in the internet. This feature is absolutely helping us to protect our privacy.
  • In addition, the DroidVPN TV will hide your identity by providing opportunity for you to watch content anonymously. No one would be able to know who I am if we are using this fantastic VPN TV app in our Android TVs. This feature is offered by masking your real IP address and giving a fake IP address that is changing from time to time by viewing different locations all around the world.
  • We all like if we can access to any information that we need through the internet. But sometimes we may be disappointed to see that some of the websites are blocked for you. Specially many awesome Movies, TV Shows and live sport events are blocked geographically. This is a common issue. But if you got DroidVPN Android TV this is not a problem that you are facing anymore. Because this VPN will unblock all the blocked or restricted content from most of the servers all over the world by making you happy. As well as sometimes you may be granted with the chance of connecting to the paid hotspots for free if you have this.
  • Moreover, the Droid VPN TV will allow you to bypass firewalls and also helps to filter the web.

If you are not using a VPN service still this is the best time to have a VPN in your Android TV also.

Download DroidVPN for Android TV

DroidVPN available on default app store or Play Store for TV. You can easily download and install latest version from there. This VPN service support all most all Android TV Boxes including Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV pro, SkyStream, Mi Box S, Mi TV Stick and many more.

First open Play Store on your Android TV box and search “droidvpn”. You can see search results like below. Select DroidVPN app from search results.

DroidVPN Android TV download

Now click on “install” to begin installation.

DroidVPN install button

However this VPN app is not available on Amazon App Store. For other devices that does not have Play Store like Fire TV, Firestick, firestick 4K, firestick lite, firetv cube has to use another app store to download this app. You can use Filelinked or Aptoide TV.

First download and install latest version of Aptoide TV. Click here for Aptoide TV installation tutorial for Android TV.

DroidVPN install on Firestick

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any trouble installing this VPN on your device.


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    Working fine. Wish internet speed is somewhat faster.

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