Encrypt Me VPN for Android TV and Fire TV

Encrypt Me VPN for Android TV

This is the best VPN for Android TV and Fire TV if you are using Free Movies and TV shows apps. Unblock on blocked Movies and TV Shows on your country just using Encrypt Me TV VPN. This is a super simple VPN app for TV. Your privacy will be secured when browsing or streaming while using this simple VPN. There are much more unique features are available in the Encrypt ME VPN for TV. There are many more features that have introduced with the latest version of Encrypt me. This app is only about 30MB sized which make it easier to download and install. Small size of this VPN will allow your to save your Android TV Box storage space.

 Features of the Encrypt me

  • Stream and Surf Internet Safely
    • Many users would not like to use torrent based free Movies and TV shows apps. Because ISP does send you warnings when you are using torrents. Sometimes those services will cause security issues too. With Encrypt Me VPN no more worries. Watch as much as content you want securely and anonymously.
  • No-fuss or else fiddling 
    • While you are in a public network don’t worry about this obstacle. You could get rid of this very soon while you are in any network. 
  • Auto secured feature
    • The auto secured feature is just for you. That is auto-activated while you have connected with a network. Just connect to any public network while in a hotel, airport, or anywhere else. Trust the Encrypt me. Firestick is the best portable Android TV that can take with you.
  • Free trial 
    • The Encrypt me will provide you with a safe experience. As well as that they have given you about 14 days trail. Within that time the users can decide that the app is valuable or not. Then after taking it by paying the app.
  • In-app purchases 
    • After the free trial the users have to pay for the app. That is not a large amount. You have to pay about 10$ monthly ( price will change with time) charge to use the Encrypt me. 
  • Multiple devices at once
    • By using the Encrypt me vpn, there are over 5 devices that can be used at the same time. So the monthly subscription above can be used for more devices. That is not only for one device. 
  • User interface 
    • The Encrypt app has a much more attractive interface. The simple and attractive interface make you much more interested in the Encrypt me. 
  • Quick access 
    • There are many more controls that are included here. The app allows for the quick accessing for each and every contrails that placed on this app.
  • Trusted app 
    • The Encrypt me can be described as a trusted app. There are no harmful content here. Users will be joined with the app due to the all-exclusive features in here 
  • Requirements for use
    • This VPN will support all most all Android TV boxes like Shield TV, Shield TV pro, Mi Box S, SkyStream and many more. Support Fire TV devices like Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube.

This VPN push updates to all users to have better user experience. New update may have new requested features. Therefore make sure to download latest version for Android TV Play Store. Below listed some of the features and improvements added with recent updates.

  • Have to give the accessing permissions to the location
  • Fixed all the security bugs
  • The dark mode is available now

Download Encrypt Me VPN for Android TV and Fire TV

Still you can’t download this VPN from Google Play Store for Android TV. This VPN will be added to play store for TV in future. Till then you can use one of the below mention methods to download and install this app on your TV. For Fire TV devices you can use Amazon App Store to download this app. If not use below mention methods.

Download Encrypt Me VPN using Filelinked

If does not have any third-party TV app store click here to download and install latest version of Applinked, Filesynced, aptoide TV or unlinked. Click here for available TV Codes.

Download Encrypt Me VPN using Aptoide TV

You can use Aptoide TV to download and install this VPN for free. Aptoide TV also like Play Store where you can download and install Android TV apps and games. Click here to download latest version of Aptoide TV.

Open Aptoide TV app and search “encrypt.me” and click enter. You can see this VPN app on “All search results” tab.

There are the most important facts about the above Encrypt me app. If you think that the above facts are really useful for you, then try to start the app using today onwards. If the app along with the best performance, share your ideas with each other. 

Install Encrypt ME VPN on Amazon Fire TV

This super simple VPN support all most all Amazon Fire TV Cubes, Fire TV stick, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 4K and all. Installation is very simple. Follow below mention steps.

  1. First open “App Store” application of your Fire TV.
  2. Then navigate to “Search” tab which is at the top of your screen.
  3. Press “OK” or “Enter” button of your TV remote to open on screen keyboard.
  4. Then type “encrypt me”. You will text suggestion appear below while typing. Select it.
  5. Now you will see search results like below picture. Select this VPN.
Super Simple VPN Fire TV
  1. Now click on download icon like below picture to install. That’s all.
Encrypt Me VPN for Fire TV


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    I am using this VPN as part of another app. Now I am using this app fully for all my tasks.

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