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Eon TV for Android TV and Fire TV

Watch all your favorite TV channels now on Android TV and Fire TV. You can use EON TV app to stream TV channels with features like event catchup, event reminders, radio stations and more. Watch Live TV on Android TV, Fire TV and Google TV.

TV Channels

It is indeed no doubt that Television is an inescapable part of our lives in the modern society. Television is definitely a part of our lives every single day. Feeling bored? watch some TV. Feeling tired and want a way to relax? Watch some entertainment on TV. Need a way to spend some quality time with your family, loved one, or friends? Get together and watch some TV. No matter where you are or what you are doing, Television has made and played a special part in all our lives.

Thanks to all of the news, weather reports, updates on politics, sports news, movies, all of us have found a way to connect globally and become more closer to each other. News and updates on TV helps us to stay informed of our local as well as international events and happenings at all times. For all of you who love sports, the live sports streams will help you keep up with your favorite games and players.

All of this is now possible at the comfort of your very own fingertips thanks to the development of technology and apps. Many apps have been designed in order to bring what is necessary and important to all of you. Amongst them, the ‘EON TV’ app is going to be your very favorite app! You can be at home, or even just chilling with your friends. EON TV will bring what’s only the best for all of you.

Features of EON TV App

The app can be installed in any of your devices such as Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, Android TV’s, and any other smart device and enjoy all of your favorite channels at ease.

The app comprises of many features that will make it worth your while and help you enjoy all of the channels at the comfort of your very own palms. The app comes with love TV programs for you to enjoy at any time of the day from any corner of the world,

Videos that are on demand such as blockbuster movies, TV shows, and all of your favorites out there.

You can also conveniently set reminders on the app to watch all of your favorites so you will not miss a single moment of your favorite movie or show.

The app also comprises of many radio stations so you can now get grooving with your favorite music. Listen to all of your favorites on one single platform at ease. You can also dedicate songs and speak to the radio stations when you feel like it.

And guess what else? The app also allows catchup TV for 7 days! This way, even if you are not available at the time of your favorite program, you can always watch it back! Amazing as it sounds.

Who says TV can’t be at your fingertips? With EON TV, you can now enjoy what’s only the best of TV by just installing the app right now!

Install Live TV on Android TV and Fire TV

There are not many free Live TV apps that work perfectly on all TV boxes and TV sticks like EON TV app. You can use Applinked, Filesynced, unlinked or Aptoide TV to install this Live TV app. Before trying those third-party options make sure to try using default app store. Because using default app store is the easiest way.

First open Google Play store app. Then go to search and type “EON”. You will see this application on search results like below picture. Select it.

EON Android TV

Now select “Install” to begin installation.

Install EON TV on Android TV BOX

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