Fandor for Android TV and Fire TV

Fandor for Android TV and Fire TV

Fandor for Android TV can be introduced as the best movie streaming app. This app help you to stream right Movie to watch on right time. This streaming service has the biggest handpicked collection.

Fandor TV APK used to access one of largest movie libraries in the world. Mainly there are films of more varieties. The foreign movies and the documentaries will take a specific place in the library. Just in only a second you can find any record presence in any country of the world. And at any time you would find anything that is suitable for your favor.

The Fandor app is about a 12 MB sized app which is easily downloadable using your home WiFi. Since this app is less 20MB, it won’t take much storage space from your Android TV box.

Features of the Fandor Android TV

  • Limited devices.
    You can’t use the above app with many other devices. So there are only limited types of devices that are compatible with the Fandor app.
  • Membership.
    You have to take the membership from the above Fandor TV App. By that you could get accessed over thousands of such movies. The Fandor app offers all the use for a low monthly charge.
  • Any type of device.
    To watch the movies you could use a Chromecast to cast it and use any other device like TV, projector and your mobile phone to watch the movies.
  • Easy subscription.
    You could subscribe to the above Fandor app easily with the Google Play Store.
  • Watch your favorites out of the given records.
    Not only watch, but you could also download review and can comment on your favorite.
  • User friendly 
  • Offering quick search facilities
  • Newly users can enjoy the 14-day trail.

You don’t want to make any payments for this trail. Only you can check if this app is suitable for you. Then after if you want you can pay it and work with the app. If you don’t want to, you are able to cancel it anytime.

  • The most necessary thing is the strong network connection in order to use this app.
  • The Fandor is only available in two countries. Those countries are the US and Canada.

Those are the foremost facts about Fandor. The Fandor app is rated for 12+. And children can even use the app. But it is better if the parental guidance has been provided. There are some ads contained in the above app.

The service from the app is not for free. You have to pay for using the app. But that’s a very low monthly charge. So try it for 14 days initially. After you can decide about the app. Certainly the app will be amazing.

How to install Fandor on Android TV and Fire TV

Fandor for Android TV and Fire TV available on Google Play Store for Android TV and Amazon App Store for Fire TV. Remember fander and fandor are two different applications. Here we are discussing how to install Fandor TV app on Android TV.

Download via Play Store
Download via Amazon App Store

If you are unable to download and install this app directly from those app stores you can follow below mention procedure. Please note that Fandor Filelinked code is not available right now. Instead of Filelinked you can use Aptoide TV. Aptoide TV is too like Play Store. Unlike Filelinked, Aptoide TV has Play Store for TV apps and games. In Filelinked you may find many Android TV apps and games not on Play Store TV.

1. First download and install latest version of Aptoide TV. Click here to install Aptoide TV on Android TV.

2. Now open Aptoide TV app and go to search.

Aptoide TV Search icon

3. Now type “fandor” and press enter on your remote. You won’t see compatible version of this app on search results. Still there is not separate app for TV. However you can install and use this app on your Android TV. Press down button of your remote to view “All Results”.

Fander search on Aptoide TV

4. Under “All results” you can see Fandor application. Click on it.

Select Fandor app on Fire TV

5. Now press on “Install” button to begin installation.

Install Fandor

6. If you are unable to use this app just only by using your TV remote, you can use mouse. If you does not have any mouse they try Mouse Toggle app for Android TV. It will allow you to handle mouse pointer just only using your TV remote.