FilePursuit for Android TV

FilePursuit for Android TV

FilePursuit is the best alternative for App Stores. If you does not like App Stores then you can use this app. This app can shows exact direct download links to what you are looking for. Google shows website links in their results. So we have to go to that website and find download link from that website. But there are many people who can’t find exact download link and they ended up clicking advertisements.

Web browsing and searching things on internet using a Android TV remote is not a easy task. Specially apps and games downloads for Android TV. Best solution for that is FilePursuit for Android TV.

How to download apps using FilePursuit

There are no many features of this app. Main purpose of this app is to list direct download links for what you are looking for. End of this article you can see how to install this app. Once you install FilePursuit open it. Then you can see nice and clean interface like below.


First button on that page is “Search”. Click on it. Now you can see search area like below. Currently this app support only English.

Search file FilePursuit

Lets download and install Clean Master on Android TV. Search “Clean master”. Now you can see bunk of search results with APK icon below each search result.

Apk download button FilePursuit

Click on that APK download button to download Clean Master APK. That’s all. No website advertisements and bunch of unwanted articles and pictures. You can actually save internet data used to load website images and other resources.

Download and Install FilePursuit

FilePursuit is also available on Google Play Store. If you have Google play Store on your Android TV I highly recommend you to download this app from Play Store. Because there you can download latest version of this app safely. Click below download link to download this app from Play Store.

This app not available on Amazon App Store. You can download FilePursuit for Firestick if you have Filelinked, AppLinked, or UnLinked.

If you are unable to download this application using default TV store, you can use third-party Android TV app stores like Aptoide TV, AppLinked or FileSynced.


4 responses to “FilePursuit for Android TV”

  1. Bill Cole Avatar
    Bill Cole

    Really like the app. Found so many movies, e-books which are not available in other apps

  2. Performed well. But now sometimes get error while downloading.

  3. This is awesome and useful than other search engines.

  4. Different app. Nice work admin. You bring us amazing apps for Android TV

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