Filesynced Download apk

Filesynced Download apk

Filesynced is a powerful Android TV app store with hundreds of TV apps and games. Support all most all Android TV boxes, Chromecast and Fire TV devices. Best way to share or keep your list of TV apps and games with you in cloud space. You can easily access your list of apps with a code. Simple and easy to use TV app store for all. Check end of this article for Filesynced download apk.

As you know most of the Android apps are not available for TV boxes. It is because most Android apps are not developed for Android TV and Fire TV. Those apps are not available on Play Store TV and Amazon App store. But you can use those unsupported apps and games on your TV with external mouse. But how to install those apps on your TV.

Using a web browser and search what you want using TV remote is impossible. As you know typing letter by letter using TV remote is painful. Solution is Filesynced apk. You can use your Android phone, iPhone, MAC or PC to create your own FileSynced store. First create your own account on FileSynced dashboard. Then create your store. Download all the Android apk files you want and add them to your store. Download FileSynced app and install it on your TV. Use Filesynced code to install your apps.

No need to enter long and hard to remember URLs on web browsers to install this app. Simply use your FileSynced code. You can share your list of apps with your friends too. Best and easiest way to format your TV and reinstall all your favorite apps.

There are many free stores created by Android TV and Fire TV users all over the world. You can use those public Filesynced codes to access to stores. You will find many popular and trending movies and TV shows applications. Get in touch with free apps before everyone else.

Features of Filesynced apk

Most app stores allow users to install only the apps available on that store. Filesynced allow users to add their apk files and create your own unique store for free.

Create your ultimate list of TV apps and share your list of apps with friends and online. You can protect your TV store with a password. If you want make it public and available for others to see.

Easily organize your TV apps in to categories. That make is easier to find apps you are looking for when the list of apps grows.

No need to worry if you does not know how to use TV codes or to create a store. Install and access public store provided. You will have access to all most all popular TV streaming apps.

Filesynced download apk

There are many methods to install this app on your TV. Best and easiest way is using Downloader app. Downloader app available on both Play Store TV and Amazon App store. Go to your default TV app store and install this app first. Then open it. Enter Downloader code for Filesynced and Filesynced download apk will available after that. Click below link for more details.

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