Filesynced for Android

Filesynced for Android

FileSynced can be used as a App store, File Sharing platform, App installer for Android and etc. This app is most popular as best free movies, TV shows, sports, live TV streaming app store for Android and Android TV. Best place to find awesome and free streaming apps if you love to watch movies and TV shows.

FileSynced for Android app allow anyone to create their own app collection. App collection in FileSynced called FileSynced store. Every store has a access code called FileSynced code. You can make your store private by adding a password or make it public. There are many public stores full on streaming apps and games.

Benefits of using FileSynced for Android

Most of the apps on your Fire TV, Android TV or Android phone are not from your default app store which is play store. Most of those apps are downloaded from internet. It is hard to find each and every app you want when you factory reset your device or want to reconfigure another device with your favorite apps.

You can use Filesynced to store all your apk files nicely under categories. No need to enter hard to remember URLs or browse web to find apps. Just use your store code and click on download button to download all your favorite apk files to your Smart TV or Android.

This is a free app store where most of the popular app stores are maintained by TV users all around the world. Therefore you will gain access to newer apps before everyone else. Most ordinary app stores like AC Market or Aptoide does not provide such facilities.

You can watch video review of a app from YouTube. This app store provide option to add app review on YouTube to get a clear understanding about the before installing. There are many new streaming apps that are hard to predict its performance and customer support. Videos reviews like this make it easier know about apps.

Download FileSynced for Android

FileSynced apk available for Android phones, Android Tablets, Android TV and Fire TV. Installation is simple and does not take long. First download and install latest version of this app from below download link. Next click here for all popular Filesynced codes. Enter those codes on the home screen of the Filesynced app visit those stores. You can install any streaming app on those stores for free.

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