FileSynced Apk V3.4 – Free Download Now! – [5.05MB]

Size:5.05 MB
Type:TV App Store
Last Updated:21st July, 2024
Downloader Code:681832

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Installation Guidelines

Official site is You can contact them using that site for any inquires. Expecting new version release in this year.

Most easiest and simplest way of installing this app on any TV running Android TV or Google TV is with Downloader web browser. Use provided code above for free install.

Version 3.4

  • Bug fixes.
  • Fixed navigation issues.

Version 3.3

  • No major changes. Simple bug fixes
  • New sections dedicated for ads.
  • Downloader code for version 3.3 – 430405

Version 3.2

  • Several bug fixes.
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved Notifications
  • Top banner area for informations.

Version 3.1

Version 3.0

  • New features added. Now you can enter direct app download links you found on internet to download apps like you do on “Downloader” app.
  • New favorites feature to add your favorite codes
  • Improved performance and certain bug fixes.

The best Android TV app store (Google TV) to install Apps and games on your Android TV box and Fire TV devices easily. Access hundreds of TV app stores using public FileSynced codes. No need to find best and trending codes on internet like Filesynced, AppLinked and Unlinked. This app shows all the trending codes within the app.

How to install FileSynced on Android TV and Fire TV

You can’t use Play Store for TV boxes and Amazon App Store for Fire TV devices to install this application. App stores are not allowed within app stores. So you have to use “Downloader” application.

  1. First download and install latest version of Downloader
  2. Enter below code on Downloader URL.


FileSynced Downloader Code

You will see about 3 second count saying redirecting to download page. It will automatically downloads after countdown ends. Click on downloaded file to install.

If you are not entering TV code you can visit official website like below picture. You will redirect to FileSynced download page. Scroll down and find download button. Click to download.

Downloader app FileSynced

You will redirect to download page. Use your TV remote arrow keys to navigate and find download button. Previously available direct downloads are removed from official site.

FileSynced for TV BOX

To this date this application perform well on every Android TV box including Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV pro, Mi BOX, H96 Max, SkyStream and Amazon Fire TV devices like Fire TV stick, Fire TV cube and all. Easy to navigate home screen using TV remote make it easier to find and install streaming apps you love easily. No need to search whole internet to fund best and trending FileSynced codes. Because all trending codes can be find within the app. Visit those trending TV app stores to find new and interesting Android TV box apps.

There is no many news about this application. For now it is not release. we hope to see how it work compared to Filelinked and AppLinked. What ever the application release to replace Filelinked, those applications must attract reasonable amount of users. It may take time.

People should create stores on their servers and add TV apps and games. Then codes received for those FileSynced stores are shared among Android TV and Fire TV users. Growing process will not be easy since there is too much competition in the process of replacing Filelinked.

Top 5 FileSynced Codes

Looking for best codes to find movie apps and games for your TV. Here listed my personal favorite or top 5 codes I used often.

  1. 98768363 – NewTech Apps
  2. 98766969 – John Wayne Store V2
  3. 88888888 – DreamLocator
  4. 55555555 – LeeTV Streaming Stuff
  5. 98767346 – NextTimeTech


  1. Paul Cabby Avatar
    Paul Cabby

    Does anyone using “the crew”?

  2. Jeffrey Mejos Siervo Avatar
    Jeffrey Mejos Siervo

    Why this store low on apps

  3. Lazarescu Marian Avatar
    Lazarescu Marian

    Recently bought onn. Google TV box. Best store to get movies and TV shows app for my TV box. Installed filesynced. Looking for other alternatives.

  4. Jenny Briskstar Avatar
    Jenny Briskstar

    Fewer trending codes…

  5. Tiwwens Jr. Avatar
    Tiwwens Jr.

    Spotify premium please.

  6. Flata Nyirenda Avatar
    Flata Nyirenda

    Thanks for sharing easy methods to install this app store like giving a downloader code.

  7. Evolet Nickepwi Avatar
    Evolet Nickepwi

    New features in v3.4. Can’t wait to experience the improved performance and new features!

  8. HN Kike Avatar
    HN Kike

    I does not like default launcher on my TCL. Filesynced store for best TV launchers plz.

  9. Shannon Marie Avatar
    Shannon Marie

    Thanks for sharing this updated version of FileSynced Apk! I’ve been using the previous version for a while now.

  10. ToNy Murmu Avatar
    ToNy Murmu

    Is there any movie app that resume where it was original paused.

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