Fire TV Cube 2020 – Review

Fire TV cube 2020 Review

Sometimes you may have experienced the fire TV cube. But today however we are going to see its review. Initially we will see what are the pros and cons of this Fire TV Cube 2020. That is the important point that you have to pay attention to. Because the procedure of working on the app can be identified by its pros and cons. So anyone can decide whether you should buy it or not. So shall we continue? 

Pros of the Fire TV Cube 

  • It has the ability to make the performance very quickly 
  • It supports main HDR formats 
  • You can control the home theatre from your own voice. That is through the infrared blaster 
  • You can take the voice support. It can be obtained by the hand free Alexa. 

Those are the pros or the advantages that you can obtain by using this device. As same to the pros there are cons too. That is the usual nature of this device. 

Cons of the Fire TV cube 

  • Much more expensive than the others. That means you can buy another 4K streamer at a lower price than the Fire TV cube. For example Fire TV Stick. You can buy Fire TV Stick 4K at much lower price. Both are from Amazon.

So now you could understand there are more benefits through the Fire TV except the expenditure on it. 

The amazon Fire TV cube is the favorite of most people. Then it evolved with many new features. Now there are microphone arrays and infrared emitters. Now it is easy to control all over the process by your voice. Its price is about $119.99. Also it is more flexible. It is while the streaming of the 4K HDR content in your device. 

Also, the other thing that we have to pay attention to is the design of itself. Then we will see them. 

Design of the Fire TV Cube 2020 

Fire TV cube
  1. Actually that is a cube-shaped. 
  2. It is about three-inch length and height. 
  3. It had made out with plastics 
  4. Also, it has a plastic top. It is Black matte colored 
  5. You can see a translucent strip in the front face of the TV cube. 
  6. There are LEDs in here. Usually it is hidden by that above the translucent strip. 
  7. You can see various buttons in the top panel 
  8. Some of the buttons are volume increase decrease buttons, mute buttons for the microphones. 
  9. There are feet made out of rubber to keep that. Altogether there are four. 
  10. On the back of this tv cube you can see connectors for USB, HDMI  and others. 
  11. There is an array of infrared emitters here. 
  12. Also this device can work as a remote for some home theater devices. 

Those are the main features that you can find out through the fire tv cube. I think that I gave you a good review of this device that you can consider buying.

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