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Get access to Full Moon Creature classics like Puppet Master Franchise, Castle Freak, Tourist Trap, etc. using Full Moon Features App. Now you can watch hundreds of such titles on your Android TV, Google TV and Fire TV devices. This Movies app fully support all TV boxes and Fire TV devices. Watch your favorite Movies now on your TV with Full Moon Features TV app.

New contents are added daily including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Cult Movies and more. Download and install this Movies and TV shows app on your Smart TV box to enjoy these new Titles.

Find relaxation for your busy life

No matter in which part of the world we live in there are some common factors applicable to all. Food, roof over our heads, clothes and medicine are some of them. With more  development of products, services and technology taking place will make the world to expand.

With these expansions taking place more consumer products and job openings will exist. This situation will mean the people will want to buy newer products and the competition to enter new jobs will increase. All this would make people’s overall lives to become more busier in perusing these new developments.

From long years ago one of the most popular method of relaxation for stress relief perused by people have been entertainment. Even as at now this hasn’t changed. It is no big secret that one major area of entertainment that has been seeked and continued to do so by people over is the Movie industry.

This is very evident by looking how this industry has spilled across to almost every country world over. Movies are made to provide entertainment that contain Comedy, Suspense, Horror, etc. And now available is an App a special and exclusive one named FULL MOON FEAUTURES. 

Full Moon Features Android TV App

Full Moon Features App will dish out the best of Horror, Sci-Fi, and Cult movies. The selections will thrill all fans who are already favorites of this class of movie entertainment and will sure to attract many more new ones. Some of the award winning popular, fantastic movie titles on offer are


and many more of the box office hits. Also offered are famous underground legendary ones like

ZOMBIE by Lucio Fulci
DEEP RED by Dario Argento.

Featured are those erotica fantasies from surrender cinema collection the likes of CALENDER GIRLS and FAMALIEN. Then select from vintage range offered from the catalogue of SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO.

Full Moon Features App will continue to enthrall its customers by updating with the latest feature films and world premiers. With 24 hours accessibility to the customers. Watch anytime from wherever at your convenience. This will ensure that no one will be left out denying the opportunity of watching one’s favorite movie.

What more could the entertainment lovers ask for. All of these selections mentioned here are offered at unbelievable low monthly subscription rates. Just one account and access is guaranteed to all of the Apps platforms offering those vivid selections. Join now to watch your favorites of the past and present. Get rid of having to visit the cinema and enjoy with family and friends too joining in the fun that much needed relaxation in today’s busy world will come automatically for sure.

Install Full Moon Features APK on TV

This Movies app full developed to work with bigger screens. You can easily install on any Android TV boxes like Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV pro, Mi BOX, Mi TV Stick, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick 4K Max and more. You can use third party TV app stores, if you are unable to use default app store to install this application. There are many TV app stores. From them UnLinked, FileSynced and AppLinked are the best. Because those app stores allow you to upload and install any Android app for free.

Install on Android TV

First open Play Store application. Go to search and type “full moon features”. You will see this application appear on search results while typing like on below picture. Select it.

Get TV Full Moon Features App

Select “Install” to begin installation.

Install Full Moon Features Android TV

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