Gaia for Android TV and Fire TV

Are you looking for inspiring films and documentaries that helps for meditation, spiritual growth and more. Gaia is specially designed fuel the pursuit of your highest potential. You can stream over thousands of such videos using your Android TV and Fire TV.

Find best guide for your path with Yoga, Inspiring Movies, Documentaries, Luminaries, and more. Those videos helps to success your future. Find ways for meditation, spiritual growth and alternative perspectives.

Have a clam Human Mind

To calm a human mind in today’s world has become very important. The world our ancestors lived were very much less stressful than now. At an end of a day, they had time to get to gather as a family and meet up with others in their close community. Then talk about how the day went by, discuss topics of common interests, sing songs, and share food and drink.

In today’s context even to think how this was done is beyond belief. To most of us in the present context long term planning is required to socialize the way our ancestors did. Simply because after attending to our daily chores we are left with no extra time. Within this busy routine we must find ways to bring about the best ways to calm our stressed minds with the little time in our hands left before getting ready for the next day.

With most gratitude and appreciation, we welcome the GAIA App which has given much consideration to bring the popular meditation practiced from many centuries for effective soothing of minds. A calm mind will definitely assist to lead a balanced life. Complications faced will be easier to sort out with a calm and balanced thinking.

Features of Gaia for Android TV App

Here are the features provided by GAIYA. By training one’s mind to be calm through meditation will make one live in the present moment and thereby attending and concentrating on what has to be done in the present and to prevent worrying about the future.

With unlimited streaming, access to Yoga and many other types of meditation along with spiritual meditation. This gives the widest selection to customers to choose the most suitable option.

GAIA has made sure that these meditation programs are conducted by the best teachers who will take you to the inner depths of yourself. This will make you understand your real personality taking away any perception that does not belong to you.

Be assured, this will bring peace and joy that has not been experienced before, building up love and warmth that will radiate around making one’s association pleasant experience to everyone coming into contact.

GAIA makes it even easier to the customers by featuring original inspiring movies, documentaries related meditation and yoga by its video mode feature.

The video library will be maintained in the best manner with regular updates of the latest collections to make sure the customers will not miss out on those latest clips. And to give uninterrupted continuation to keep focused whilst involved in a session the App keeps all annoying ads away from you. GAIA app has provided everyone with a meritorious service by all means. To make people to live their lives well balanced and in their best of spirit with a well-trained mind.

Install Gaia on TV BOX and TV Stick

This streaming app available on most Android TV boxes, Google TV and Fire TV device via Play Store and Amazon App store. You can use third party options like AppLinked and FileSynced if you are unable to install this app via default app store.

Install on Android TV

First open play store application. Then go to search and type “gaia”. You will see this application appear on search results like on below picture. Select it.

Download Gaia on Android TV

Now select “Install”. to begin installation.

install Gaia on Android TV

Install Yoga Videos app on Amazon Fire TV

Now you can watch your Yoga videos or yoga practices now on Fire TV. You can install Gaia Yoga app on Fire TV devices including Fire TV Stick, Firestick 4K, Firestick Lite, Fire TV Cube and more. Follow below guideline on how to install Yoga app on Fire TV.

First open “App Store” application on the home screen of Fire TV. Then go to search and type “gaia”. You will see text suggestions while typing like below picture. Select correct app name.

Install Gaia Yoga app on Fire TV

Now you will see search results like below picture. Select Gaia app from search results.

Yoga and Meditation app for Fire TV

Now select download icon to begin install.

Gaia for Fire TV


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  1. I love Gaia for Android TV! The programs and yoga classes are so inspiring.

  2. Carlose Cortes Avatar
    Carlose Cortes

    I enjoy this app so much. Extremely educational and goo.

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