Google TV Vs Android TV – Difference

Google TV vs Android TV

Google TV become more popular with the release of Chromecast with Google TV. Instead of using stock Android TV it uses their own version of Android TV called Google TV. To learn more about latest chromecast with google TV click here. Android TV is stock version. You can add features, layout, design and many more top of that. Just like phones. Most simply adding Launcher to have difference icon, features and animation to feel like you are using a new device.

For example Samsung change stock Android to give unique look and feel. That is done in order to identify their devices at first look. Samsung Android phone have different icons, features and many more. If you want to experience stock Android you have to buy Pixel phone. Google Pixel phone have pure Android OS. Just like that chromecast change stock Android TV to have new look and feel and they called it Google TV. You will see completely difference home screen in Google TV when compared to Android TV.

Android TV

Android TV

Android TV is the android platform that you can view your Android interface in larger TV. Android TV is an Android O/S developed by Google. This Android version is designed with compatibility with your TV Boxes, TVs, and Sound Bars.

Android TV is an Operating system that enables you to run Google Play Service and use more than 5000 apps on your TV. You can stream videos play games, and many things you can do on the phone can be done on a large screen.

Manufactures use this OS and add their tweaks to make it unique on their devices. For example Nvidia Shield TV box has more apps and features than Mi BOX S. But both run Android TV OS.

Android TV compatible with:

Android TV is compatible with a wide range of TV Manufacturing companies or popular TV Brands such as Sony, Sharp, Philips, Epson, TCL, etc. Also, with set-top box brands and soundbars such as MI, NVIDIA, Skystream, JBL, and many more.

Google TV

Google TV

Google TV is an upgraded media streamer that has many inbuilt features than Android TV. It is also developed Android Base. Intel, Sony, and Logitec were contributed to Google to develop this Google TV Streamer Product. It was developed to give competition to other streamers such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Additionally, it is made with smart features and a cool interface to make the task more accessible to the user. Main difference many will see in the home screen. Google change Android TV home screen to have more interactive and user friendliness.

Google TV compatible with:

Only the device Chromecast 2020 is the only product that has and supports this Google TV. It is a smart device that attracts users. Chromecast can be said as a combination feature of Android OS and Google Chrome Browser. This also has a remote controller, which Google Assistant Feature inbuilt.

We can assume that this service will be available on many devices shortly. Especially for Sony Products since Sony was one of the companies which contributed to develop this service.

Why we choose Google TV over Android TV?

Google TV has many upgraded facilities that help users to entertain so perfectly. We hope that this service will be a software upgrade to Android supported the latest devices shortly. Until then, you can use Chromecast 2020 to have an experience the same as this.

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