H96 MAX X2 – Android TV BOX

H96 MAX X2 - Android TV BOX

H96 MAX X2 TV BOX is a sleek looking beauty that is an exceptional TV Box, which skillfully runs on the latest android 8.1 system ( May update to later versions of Android). A massive take on capacity consisting 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM guarantees flexible and effortless operations.  Supporting dual bandwidth Wi-Fi options of 2.4G and 5.8G along with the availability of Bluetooth is convenient enough to any user desiring to absorb the fun and thrilling excitement of games and movies without any buffering. Support of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 is yet another good opportunity to store in and view most liked content.

Okay, this next level of entertainment chills is going to get way better as this genius TV Box works on any TV model! Yup that is seriously true, its compatible on any new to old television you got. No converters or any extra worries are needed when it comes to H96 MAX X2 TV BOX. Whether you own a smart TV or just an ordinary old TV it really doesn’t matter. Smart TV’s are connected in high definition whereas old TV’s are connected by AV. It’s that SIMPLE!

 It’s so relieving to know you don’t have to always own a high end TV model to get the best of cinema or to race in your games. You can now have the best of the entertainment and gaming worlds by purchasing this terrific TV box at 46 dollars only! The price is fair and so is the product.

The Box package includes 1 H96 MAX X2 TV BOX, 1 remote controller, 1 HDMI cable 1 power adapter (plug can be chosen from UK, US, EU and AU) and lastly one English manual which will be comfortable to one and all.

Adaptable features on H96 MAX X2 like the variety of channels with multiple languages including German, French, Spanish, Italian, English and etc. will have the attention of many TV Box seekers like you. And that’s not all guys; H96 MAX X2 also supports trending websites like Netflix, Hulu, Flixster, YouTube and countless other sites. The most prominent factor that amazes many users is the online communication apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype video calling and emailing too! This definitely makes it the winner out of all the features. Easy connection among your loved ones, friends and colleagues is something we are happy with.

Android 9.0 OS has over 230 recommendable reviews about it, reassuring future buyers that their money will not cause them any disadvantage rather bring them unlimited possibilities with the newest ALL ROUNDER TV BOX!

Since this is based on Android not Android TV OS, you can install Android phones and tablet apps easily. If you love you can try using TV app stores like Aptoide TV and Filelinked without any issue.


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