How to connect Shield Controller to Nvidia Shield TV

connect shield controller to Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV is the best Android Gaming TV box out there. Not a cheap device at all. But it perform better than any other devices out there. Not like other Android TV Boxes Nvidia Shield TV specially designed for streaming and gaming too. Many other devices like Amazon Fire TV, Mi Box and others mainly focused on streaming. 

If you visit Amazon or Nvidia Store you can buy Shield Controller designed for Shield TV. Using this Shield TV you can play Android Games. There are many Shield optimized games to work well shield TV and controller. 

Shield Controller

How to connect Shield Controller to Shield TV

Follow below simple steps to connect Shield Controller to Shield TV and Shield TV Pro.

  1. Turn on Shield TV WiFi
  2. Open “Shield Controller app” on your Shield TV
  3. Tap and hold “Nvidia button” on your Shield Controller till it flashes.
    (Now Nvidia button start to flash, It mean controller is now ready to pair with your Shield TV)
  4. Now it will automatically get connect with your Shield TV.
  5. Enjoy

You can easily connect your Shield Controller to shield TV. Once connection was established it will automatically connect to your Shield TV when needed.

How to connect more than one Shield Controller ?. Follow above steps again to connect another shield controller.

You can connect your Shield Controller with PC or Windows computer if you want. Remember Shield Controller uses WiFi to connect with Shield TV. So you can’t connect Shield Controller to other Android devices using Bluetooth. WiFi was used to provide best experience without any lagging when playing games.

Many Android gamers used to have headphones when playing games in order to have better experience. As you all know TV speakers are not good for gaming. If you want speakers to be loud then it is better to have headphones. Because it will be annoying to others and TV speakers are not good at higher sound levels. If you have a Gaming headphone or any other wired head phone you can directly connect them to Shield Controller. No need to connect those headphones to TV and stay close to TV when playing games. In order to provide such functions Nvidia decided to use WiFi instead of Bluetooth. Because WiFi has high data transfer rate than Bluetooth.

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