How to Download Movies and TV shows Apps from Downloader

Codes to download TV apps via Downloader

Downloader is a Android application that facilitate file downloads. This app most popular among Android TV users. Because it is the best Android TV web browser that easily allow you to download files you want from internet. Developers of this application has their own library of Android TV movies and TV shows apps. Recently they introduce URL shortner feature.

This was removed several times from Google play store for adding browsing feature that allow TV user to side load apps. However, Downloader has made its way in to Google Play Store TV again. You can easily download and install application directly from Google Play Store TV.

For Android TV boxes that comes with Google services like Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV pro, Mi BOX S, Mi TV Stick, SkyStream, H96 Max and all can use default TV store to install this TV application. Do not follow those hard procedures to install “Downloader” on your TV box. Use Google Voice and say this app name or directly go to Play Store TV and search.

Using Codes to Download Files for TV

Many used to access Android TV app stores or Filelinked stores using Filelinked codes. Same features with little differences now available on Downloader TV application. AFTVNews has introduce easy to download TV box apps and games using codes. Just like Filelinked find the code related to your Android TV application and enter it on your Downloader application.

Using Filelinked code you can access Filelinked store full of Android TV apps. Same goes here. Some codes only has one application and other will give you access to full list of awesome Android TV movies, TV shows apps. No need to remember and enter long and hard to enter URLs on address bar. Just enter your code on address bar. That’s it.

In order to use browsing feature on Downloader app, you have to install browser plugin. Enter “” on home screen address bar of Downloader application. It will download and install. Once installation completed find codes from the internet and enter on that bar. You will redirect to Android TV stores full of TV apps and games.

Click below button to access list of Downloader codes for Android TV and Fire TV devices.