How to install Filelinked on Android TV Box (Android Box)

Welcome where you can download latest version of Filelinked and can get access to latest and most popular Filelinked codes where you can download any Movies and TV shows apk for free. In this article we are going to install Filelinked on an Android TV or Android box. Obviously it’s a lot different what you do with Firestick. Firestick use “Downloader” app. On Android box we are going to to use ES File Explorer. 

Android box I’m using for this tutorial A95X Pro. This A95X pro Android box is cheaper than a FireStick. Commonly all Android boxes are gonna work exactly the same on installing Filelinked.

ES File Explorer this is already installed on this device. If not download it from Google Play Store. Click on ES File Explorer App. Once you’re inside you will see “Favorite” menu,. Click on “Favorite”  it brings up the drop-down menu and you’re gonna see where it says “Add”. Click on “Add” and then it ask you for the path and the path is the URL. URL is the link to download Filelinked app. Enter below URL

Give any name you like for name field and click “Add” to create favorite item.  Click on newly created favorite item. It will start to download Filelinked app to your Android Box.  Once download complete it will show you two options as “open the file” or “open the folder”. We want to “open the file” and once you click on that it will go across to install and once you click on install this is gonna you as a package installer. Click on install and then once we wait a few moments and let it install. We’re gonna click on “Done” after installation completes.

Installation process is done. Now it time to discover Filelinked codes to download Apks.


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