How to install Filelinked on Android TV BOX

install filelinked on any Android TV

Filelinked is the best and easiest way to sideload or install any Android apk to your Android TV Box. Since “Downloader” and “Puffin Browsers” are gone it become harder and harder for everyone to install Filelinked on their Android TV Box. Once you install Filelinked on your Android TV you can install any Android TV app you want using Filelinked.

At the end of this article I will share some awesome Filelinked codes that has almost all TV series and Movie streaming apps with Utilities for Android TV.


  1. How to install Filelinked on Android TV
    1. Download and install Analiti
    2. Allow Analiti to install apps
    3. Download Filelinked
    4. Install Filelinked
  2. Install apps using Filelinked
    1. Allow Filelinked permissions to install Apps
    2. Filelinked codes for Android TV
    3. Install Apps using Filelinked

How to install Filelinked on Android TV BOX

Installation is pretty simple. We are going to install Filelinked without using Downloader and Puffin browser. For that we are using Analiti, speed test app. So how could we use speed test app to download and install Filelinked app. It is very simple. Analiti comes with a web browser. We are using analiti web browser to download latest version of Filelinked. Follow below mention steps to download and install Filelinked on Android TV boxes like MiBox, Nivida Shield TV and more.

Download and install Analiti

Analiti available on Google Play Store. Open Google Play Store on your Android TV box and search “Speed Test”. In search results you can see “Analiti” app. Install it.

search speed test on play store search

Allow Analiti app to install Filelinked

Since are we are using Analiti instead of Play Store to install Filelinked we have to tell Android TV system to allow permission to do that. So follow below mention steps grant permissions.

Go to settings

Go to settings Android TV

Now you can see list of settings appear on right side of the screen. From that list scroll till you find “Security and restrictions”.

security and restrictions Android TV

From the second list appear after clicking “Security And Restrictions” Click “Unknown Sources”.

Unknown Sources Android TV

Now you can see list install apps may appear. From that list find “Analiti”. Click on it to allow permission. Once permissions are allowed you can see “Allowed” text under Analiti app like below.

allow unknown apps analiti

Download Filelinked

Now open Analiti. Left side you can see “web check” tab. Click on “Web Check” tab.

analiti home screen

On the top of Web Check there is a area to enter URL. Enter below URL to download Filelinked.

enter filelinked on analiti web check

Now click “GO” button or refresh several times till you are ask to allow permissions to access photos, media and files. Allow permissions to download Filelinked apk.

allow access to analiti to dowload files

After allowing above permissions Filelinked will start to download. If not refresh again or Click “Go” button.

hit go several times on analiti

You will see downloading filelinked notification bottom of the screen like below.

Downloading Filelinked notification via analiti

Install Filelinked

Once download complete it will redirect you to Filelinked Installation like below. Click “Install” to begin installation.

Install Filelinked

Congratulations you just installed Filelinked on Android TV.

How to install Apps using Filelinked Android TV

Once you install Filelinked using above method you have to grant permission to install apps using Filelinked just like installing apps using Google Play Store. For that follow below mention steps.

Allow Permission to Filelinked in order to install other apps

Go to settings.

Go to settings Android TV

From the list of settings appear scroll till you find “Security and restrictions”

security and restrictions Android TV

Another list may appear after clicking “Security and Restrictions”. From that list click “Unknown Sources”

Unknown Sources Android TV

From the list of apps appear, find Filelinked and allow permissions by clicking on it. Once permissions are allowed you can see “Allowed” text under Filelinked.

Allow Unknown Sources Filelinked Android TV

Now you can install apps using Filelinked. Continue reading for more information.

Filelinked codes for Android TV

Below shows some of the best Filelinked codes you can have. All those code are free.

Official Filelinked Store: 11111111
Jojos AmazingVideos Apk : 64539676
JoappsReviews: 17779393

For more filelinked codes click here. Scroll till you find list codes.

Installing Apps using Filelinked

Now you have Filelinked codes. Open Filelinked app and enter desired Filelinked code. For this I will use official Filelinked code.

Filelinked code for mx player

Click “Continue” to visit Filelinked store. In filelinked store you can see list of Android apps related to that filelinked code. End of each app row you can see down arrow. Click on it to download any app you want. For this I am going to download MXPlayer.

download mx player fire stick

Once download complete that down arrow will turn in to play button. Click on it to begin installation. That’s all. Enjoy side loading apps using Filelinked.


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  1. Kev Markod Avatar
    Kev Markod

    Thank you for the codes. Most are working.

  2. Tommy Jordan Avatar
    Tommy Jordan

    Try all other options. No one works. Because apps they mention no longer available like “Downloader”, “ES File Explorer” and other. This is the only tutorial only worked for me, Thanks for keep updating Android TV community.

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