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If you own a Nvidia Shield and thought you have full access to Google Play Store and finally noticed that it is not. So what could go wrong after that. Even Google Chrome was not in Play Store. You can have to rely own third party options or follow long tutorials to install chrome on your Nvidia Shield. 

Some may find it easy to follow those tutorials and to install Google Chrome. Some may not. By the way if you have Google chrome you can easily download Filelinked apk. Before that lets go step by step. Here I am going to install Filelinked app without installing Google Chrome. I am using the web browser comes with ES File explorer. You can do the same with Chrome too. For those start from beginning please follow below nice and clean picture guide to install Filelinked app. 

What is Filelinked and Why it is so popular ?

Since the day Filelinked app launched, it has increases the popularity and able to maintain that popularity among Android TV users. Because this app is mainly focused on Android TV users. 

Those who familiar with app may know about filelinked app stores that can be accessed via filelinked codes.  Those codes help us to access unlimited amount of Movies, TV shows, Live Shows, Sport Channel apps, Anime Apps and many more literally every thing need.

Check out latest Must have No pin Filelinked Codes list here.

Step 1: Download and Install ES Explorer

First open Play Store and search “es” as show in below.

Play Store seaching es explorer nvidia shield

In above picture you can see ES File Explorer has appeared in search results. Click on that blue color rectangle and install it.

installing es file explorer nvidia Shield

Step 2: Add Filelinked Download link to favorites

Next we add Filelinked app download link to ES File Explorer and using that link we are going to download it.

  1. First Go to favorites
  2. There you fill find add button
  3. Click “Add” button to add link

Add below URL to popup box as show below.

adding filelinked download link

Now you have added the filelinked download link as a favorite. Don’t worry you can delete it after you download the FileLinked app to your Nvidia Shield TV. Now click on that link to download.

Step 2: Download Filelinked app from ES File Explorer

click filelinked favorite link on es file explorer
filelinked downloading to nvidia shield

Step 2: Installing…

Once download complete click on “open file” to open download app.

Then click install to begin installation.

install filelinked nvidia shield

Installation will proceed and stop at one point with a message like below.

For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source.

We have to manually allow permission to install this app. First Click on “settings” as shown below

no permision nvidia shield

Allow permission to install apps.

grant permission to install nvidia shield

You will see that installation has cancelled after you enable permissions and go back previous screen. Don’t worry. No need to download the same app twice. Open favorites and click on “download” button. There you can find the downloaded Filelinked app. Click on it to begin installation again.

go to download to find downloaded files - es file explorer

Again you will see installation menu like below. click to install it.

install filelinked nvidia shield

Now installation continue smoothly.

done installing Filelinked on nvidia shield

Enjoy Filelinked on Nvidia Shield TV and get free access to thousands of Movies, TV Shows and other most popular android apps on your Android TV.

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