How to install Filelinked SkyStream Android TV BOX

install filelinked on skystream 3

Let’s see how to install Filelinked on SkyStream 3 and SkyStream 3 plus. Make sure to update your Android TV OS on SkyStream before continuing. What ever the device SkyStream III or SkyStream III plus (3+) installation process is same. We are using Analiti, an internet speed test app to download and install Filelinked. Google Play Store keep removing apps that can install apps from unknown sources like “Downloader” , “Puffin browser”


  1. How to install Filelinked on SkyStream
    1. Download and install Analiti
    2. Allow Analiti to install other Apps
    3. Download Filelinked
    4. Install SkyStream on Filelinked
  2. Install Android apps on SkyStream
    1. Grant permissions to Filelinked to install apps
    2. Access Filelinked Stores
    3. Installing apps you like

How to install Filelinked on SkyStream

Below shows the complete steps with pictures to install Filelinked on SkyStream III and 3+

Download and install Analiti

Analiti is the Android application used to install Filelinked. Analiti is a internet speed test application. It has built in web browser. We are using that web browser to download and install Filelinked on SkyStream Android TV Box.

Open Google Play Store and Search “Speed Test”. In search results you can find analiti app. Install it.

search speed test on play store search

Grant permissions to install apps to Analiti

By default only the Google Play Store can install apps. In order to install Android apps using Analiti we have to grant “Install Unknown Sources” permissions. In order to grant permissions go to “Settings”

Go to settings Android TV

From the right side settings list appear after clicking “Settings” find “Security and restrictions”. Click on it.

security and restrictions Android TV

From the settings list appear after clicking “Security and Restrictions” click on “Unknown Sources”

Unknown Sources Android TV

Now you can see list of installed apps. Find Analiti app and click on it to allow permissions. Once permissions are allowed you can see “Allowed” text under Analiti like below picture.

allow unknown apps analiti

Download Filelinked

Now you can download Filelinked app using Analiti. First open Analiti app. On the left side menu you can see “Web Check” button. Click on it to open web browser.

analiti home screen

Top you can see area to enter web address. Enter below address and click “Go”

hit go several times on analiti

Hit “Go” button or reload till it ask to allow access to download Filelinked apk. You will receive message like below

allow access to analiti to dowload files

Once you “Allow” to download Filelinked you will receive downloading message like below

Downloading Filelinked notification via analiti

Install Filelinked SkyStream III

Once download complete it will open Filelinked installation. Click install to begin installation.

Install Filelinked

Once installation completed you can install Filelinked app on apps list.

Install Apps using Filelinked on SkyStream Android TV BOX

If you have installed Filelinked app using above method now you can install apps using Filelinked. In order to install any apps using Filelinked you have to grant permissions and find correct Filelinked codes. Follow below mention steps to install any app you want using Filelinked.

Grant permissions to install other Apps using Filelinked

In order to grant Filelinked to install other apps go to “Settings”

Go to settings Android TV

From the list appear on right side find “Security and Restrictions”.

security and restrictions Android TV

From the list appear after clicking “Security and Restrictions” find “Unknown Sources” and click on it.

Unknown Sources Android TV

Now you can see list of installed apps. From that list find “Filelinked” app an d enable “Unknown Sources” option on Filelinked”. Once that option enabled you can see “Allowed” text under Filelinked app like below.

Allow Unknown Sources Filelinked Android TV

Access Filelinked Stores

In order to access Filelinked codes you may require Filelinked Codes. Below listed some of the best Filelinked codes you can find for your SkyStream.

Official Filelinked Store: 11111111
Jojos AmazingVideos Apk : 64539676
JoappsReviews: 17779393

For more filelinked codes click here. Scroll till you find list codes

Installing Apps using Filelinked

Use one of the above Filelinked code to access Filelinked Store. Inside the Filelinked store you can see list of apps like below.

official filelinked store

End of each apps you can see down arrow or Download button. Click on it to download.

downloading app from filelinked

Once download complete that download button changed to play button like below. Click on it to begin installation.

download complete filelinked

Like that way you can install any Android app on your SkyStream 3 and SkyStream 3+. Best Android TV app store available for SkyStream Android TV Box is Filelinked.

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