How to Install Twitch APK Android TV and Fire TV

Twitch for Android TV

Watch livestream gaming videos, ESport and other videos or Stream your own videos using Twitch for Android. Twitch for Android TV make it easier to livestream multiplayer games and Esports using your Smart TV. Everyeone love bigger screens for gaming. This app also support Amazon Fire TV stick, Fire TV , Fire TV Cube and etc.

Watch gameplays before you buy or download. You can watch gamers play games like PUBG, FIFA 18, League of legends and many.

If you are a gamer this is an essential app for you. Even you would like this app very much. I am sure about that. But if you have any doubt related to this app check for the following details and decide yourselves. If you want to enjoy the gaming of multiplayer or else lives sports, this is the suitable one.

Therefore this app provides the main function as watching the live stream gaming videos. That will be displayed in your device. The Twitch will bring you the live gaming and chat with other gamers for your hands. Is that good or not?

There are many categories included for this app. Along with the above details we will see what are the three main features of the Twitch app. Because the developers of the game have stated that there are three features mainly. What are them?

Main Features of Twitch TV

  • Watch the way that other gamers play such games. Examples for PUBG, Minecraft, Fortnite and more others.
  • Live chats during the games.
  • You can add your way of gaming. How are you playing and others. That is actually like broadcasting.

Those are the main three features of the Twitch app. Apart from the above there have to be some other features of the app. What are them? Shall we see it?.

Other Features of Twitch for Android TV

  • You are able to spectate both single-player and multiplayer games.
  • You are able to join with the community of the gamers.
  • Enjoy with the live chatting with other gamers.
  • Could get many live chatting news and videos.
  • Find and watch many items of programing.
  • There are many other hundreds of games that you can’t even find out. Discover them with this app.
  • You can switch the app into the dark mode and for the light mode. Dark mode will support for the late-night viewing of the app.

Actually this is a great chance to join the community of over millions of gamers. You can share your ideas by chatting live. Even these above features will provide you with fantastic experiences. However you have to work with this app and check how it is going. Because the user has to be satisfied with the performance.

Apart from all other features, new features have been added. The introduction of the new feature of emote description is added to the app. This will help you with a better experience. Other than that then I’ll tell you some unique features for the above app.

Size of the app – this is about 17.31 MB sized app

The developer of the app – Twitch interactive, inc offered the app

Downloads of the app – there are about 50,000,000+ downloads have performed

Now you have all the details. However this is a popular app among worldwide.

How to Install Twitch on Android TV

Twitch support most of the Android TV boxes like Nvidia Shield TV, Mi Box s, SkyStream, X95 and Amazon Fire TV devices like Fire TV Stick, Fire TV cube, Fire TV Stick 4K.

Download Twitch for Android TV via Play store.

Download Twitch APK for all Android TV devices.

If you can’t download this app directly from default app store you can use below method to download and install this app for free. Here we are using Aptoide TV app instead of Filelinked. Aptoide TV is a Android TV app Store with vast number for free Android TV apps and games. Follow below mention tutorial to install Aptoide TV if you does not have.

How to install Atoide TV on Android TV

How to install Aptoide TV on Fire TV Stick and Fire TV

1. First open recently installed Aptoide TV app and click on Search icon.

2. Type “Twitch” on search area and select it from search results appear below.

twitch search on Aptoide TV

3. From the search results appear click on Twitch app.

Twitch on Android TV and Fire Stick

4. Now click “Install” to begin installation.

Install Twitch on Android TV free

Download Twitch for Fire TV

Twitch available for all Amazon Fire TV devices including Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV stick 4K, Fire TV Cube and all. First open “App Store” on your Fire TV like below picture.

Amazon App Store

Now go to search and type “Twitch”. You will see this app on search results like below picture. Select it.

Download Twitch Amazon Fire TV

Now click on download icon to begin installation.

Install Twitch Amazon Fire TV


  1. Is this a safe app for the device?
    Yes, there are no harmful agents in this app. It is undergoing a safety scan. 
  1. Is this totally a free app?
    You could get it free. But about 1$ – 272$ have to be purchased for an item. 
  1. Could I download it via the Google Play Store?
    You can download it from here.

Then I think you all have a better idea of this app. However we will see what the ideas are by users. They will tell us how that is experienced.

User Opinions

They say that this app is a user-friendly app. Most of them recommend the usage of this app on the computer. However this will be a funny experience.

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  • Hi! I am using this app for about 2 weeks. I got attracted to this and so far it gives a wonderful experience to me. Love this.

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