How to use Filelinked App

What is filelinked and how to use it. Many people may confused when they install this app. Because once you install it there is nothing you can do without a Fileinked Code. So lets discuss about this app and how use it.

Why Filelinked ?

This app is mainly useful for those who love to watch Movies, TV shows, Live Channels, Sport Channels and more. More over you can easily setup your Android TV device. How this app help to setup your Android TV. As you call know that typing long URLs to download any app you want using your remote is a pain. Once you reset your Android TV and want to reinstall those apps. That will be a very long process. If you use this app you can just download and install all the apps you want just using 8 digit code. That’s many people use to setup their Android TV. Most popular Android TV devices that use this app are Firestick, Firestick 4k, Firestick cube, MiBox, Nvidia Shield and etc.

So how could this useful for those who love to watch movies and TV shows. Any one can create a Filelinked Store by registering at Filelinked Website. Many Youtubers tends to maintain their own Filelinked Store using this app. If you have this app you get code for those Youtubers stores. Normally those stores are full of streaming apps and games.  You will find literally any app you want from those stores. Day by day popularity increases. Instead of using google and typing long URLs to download those apps you can easily download them using Filelinked.

How to use Filelinked App

First of all you have to install Filelinked app. Click here to download and install Filelinked app. Once installation complete open it. You will see area to type a code. So where are those Filelinked codes. You can access most popular and trending Filelinked codes like “17779393” in this website too. Click here for Filelinked codes check at the bottom of this website.

After entering valid Filelinked Code you will have access to apps on that store. You can easily download and install apps listed on that store. If you want to you can run virus scan on those files before download. Because those apps stores are not maintain by Filelinked. So apps or any file find on those app store may be a malware. For that you can use virustotal app. Using Virus total you can Scan for virus without downloading.

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