Install Filelinked on Nvidia Shield TV 2020

install filelinked on nvidia shield tv using analiti

Filelinked is one of the best Android TV app you must have. It is because Filelinked consist of Filelinked Stores (user app stores) with lots of awesome Android TV apps. Specially Movies and TV series apps for your Android TV. No need to search for google. You will be able to find latest and trending Android TV apps by yourself. No need to ask friends or rely on YouTube. That’s why this app become so much popular among every Android TV user.

Installing Filelinked on Android TV was popular using “Downloader” app. Unfortunately “Downloader” app was not available on Google Play Store. So many Android TV users face difficulty in installing Filelinked. So today we are using anality to install Filelinked. Downloader app still available on Amazon App Store. So Fire TV and Fire Stick users have no problem installing Filelinked.

How to install Filelinked on Nvidia Shield TV

You can sideload apps using different methods. Since puffin browser and “Downloader” apps are not available on Google Play Store we have to try different methods. You can use X-plore or EX File explorer to download other apps from internet. However those two methods seems difficult for many people. So I choose easiest way to install Filelinked on Nvidia Shield TV is using “Analiti” app. Anality is speed test wifi Analyzer. Luckily this app comes with built in web browser. Without further intro lets start.

Step 01: Install Analiti

Open “Google Play Store” on your Nvidia Shield TV. and go to search and type “speed test”

search speed test on play store search

Click on “analiti” app as shown above. Install analiti. Once installation complete open it.

Open Analiti

Download Filelinked apk using Analiti

Once you open analiti you can see “Web Check” button on left side of the screen like below picture. Click on it.

analiti home screen

Enter below URL on the top of “Web Check”

enter filelinked on analiti web check

You may need to refresh or hit “GO” several times till it ask for “Allow” access.

hit go several times on analiti

Allow Analiti to access photos, media and files on your device to download Filelinked app.

allow access to analiti to dowload files

Now reload again or press “GO” button again.

hit go several times on analiti

Now you will redirect to settings page asking permissions to install other applications using analiti. From the right side permission window appear, scroll till you find analiti and click on it to allow permission. It should show “Allowed” under analiti app.

allow unknown apps analiti

Now you have to reload again by pressing “Go” button. I know it is bit painful. This is the last time you have to reload.

hit go several times on analiti

Now you can see bottom middle of you screen downloading notification like below.

Once download complete it will redirect to filelinked installation screen. If you enable automatic installation on your Android TV it will automatically installed and closes. If not click install button to begin Filelinked installation.

Install Filelinked

Now you have filelinked on Nvidia Shield TV. Enjoy awesome Android TV apps on your Nvidia Shield TV.

Filelinked Codes for Nvidia Shield TV

You can use below filelinked codes to download Android TV apps from official Filelinked Store.

Official Filelinked Store: 11111111

For more free Filelinked codes visit: and scroll till you find list of filelinked codes.


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    Beth Antony

    I just got to know about the app and it is like an all-rounder

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  3. Everything is clean and nicely explained. I just figureout that ES Explore and downloader no longer on play store.

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