Install Vudu on Fire TV Stick and Fire TV

how to install Vudu on Fire TV Stick and Fire TV

Vudu for Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV and Fire TV cube. You can instantly watch Movies and TV shows using this app on Firestick. No subscriptions and contracts to sign. Vudu for Android TV available on Google Play Store. For Fire TV users has download it separately since this app not available on Amazon App Store. Click here to view how to install Vudu on Fire TV guide.

You can stay connected with your favorite ones. That means you can connect with your favorite movies and tv. No matter where you stayed and where you lived. You can connect with your favorites anywhere at any time. If you have a desire to watch, buy, or rent any favorite thing of yours this above app is the perfect one for you. You can use your smartphone or any other device for the watching of your library. The main advantage of this app is providing service for free.

Except for the above there are no subscriptions required and you don’t need to sign for anything. Although you are able to experience this app with more advanced features. Some of them are as follows.

  • Sound is up to 4K UHD
  • Dolby Vision HDR
  • Dolby Atmos audio

Experience the work of the app. There are about many titles included in this app. There are about more than thousands of records.

Features of Vudu for Fire TV Stick

You could see what are the main features in here. You can select this app for your device because of the following features. What are those?

Then we see how those features affected the performance of this app.

Vudu Android TV

Store all things in your device

Through this feature, you have got anything to watch and enjoy. You can fill your device with millions of favorite things. Is this possible? Yes, it is possible. Actually you can make a library of things for you. Therefore make a library for yourself.

You can watch the things that you need

As I told in the above you can select anything as your preference. Also anywhere and anytime. Your decision makes you enjoy it. Therefore select one at any time.

Unlimited free movies

This is a service provided free of charge. So you don’t want to pay. There are many movies contained in the app. You can select anything in your favor.

Watch offline the downloaded ones

I told you to download the above favorites via the above app. You have to be with a data connection to the download. Keeping online doesn’t require watching the downloaded ones. You could watch them while you are offline. Buffering won’t take place.

Subscription doesn’t required

You have to select only what you want. Then you have to pay for such selected ones only. Therefore you don’t need to pay the whole category of the movies and other records. Get the ones that you wanted with this app. 

Digital records

Sometimes you are owned with physical copies of your favorite things. You could convert such types of copies towards digital ones by just a click.

Those are the main features included in an app like Vudu. You are able to understand the importance of an app like that. You can get more use by this app even. Mainly the Google Chromecast supported this Vudu app.

Apart from the above features there are some more added. Then we will see what those are.

New features

  • You can create your own customized library in your device.
  • There had been some bugs. Now those bugs have been fixed.

How to install Vudu on Android TV

This method can be used for other Android TV users who does not have Google Play Store or does not allow to download this app via Play Store. We are using Aptoide TV app to download and install latest official version of Vudu on Android TV boxes. There are other TV app stores like Applinked, FileSynced and Unlinked that can be used to install apk file.

Follow below mention method to download and install Vudu on Fire TV.

1. First Download and install Aptoide TV app. Aptoide TV is also like Play Store. Best TV app store for Android TVs. Aptoide TV is the best Android TV app Store where you can install thousands of TV apps and games for free.

2. Open Aptoide TV app and hover over to search area.

3. Now type “Vudu” and click click on search suggestion appear below to show all search results.

Search vudu on aptoide tv

4. Now click on Vudu App appear on search results

5. Click “install” to install latest version of Vudu Movies and TV shows app.

Along with that I will provide some details of the app.

Size of the app- this is about 12.22 MB sized

The developer of the app – Vudu offered this app

Average downloads of the app –  now about 10,000,000 + had finished.

How to install VUDU on Amazon Fire TV

Vudu is one of the popular movies and TV shows apps available for Amazon Fire TV devices. Support all most all Fire TV devices including Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K MAX, Fire stick lite, Fire TV cube and more. For unsupported regions and locations please use Aptoide TV app store to download Vudu apk file. Then use VPN app to change you location. Follow below mention instructions to install this movies and TV shows app on your Fire TV using Amazon App Store.

First open “App store” application on the home screen of your Fire TV. Then navigate to search and type “vudu”. You will see text suggestions while typing. Select app name like below picture to display search results.

Search Vudu on Fire TV

Now select Vudu app from search results like below picture.

Vudu Movies and TV shows app for Fire TV

Now select “Get” button to begin installation.

Install Vudu on Amazon Fire TV


  1. Is this safe for my device?
    Yes, this is a safe app. There would not be any harm that occurred to your device by this app.
  1. Can I get it on the Google Play Store?
    This is the simplest way of getting it.
  1. Is this a free app?
    You have to pay for the selected ones.

According to the given details if you think this will be a useful app, you can check it yourselves. I am sure you will use it forever after once. Therefore use this app. If you are satisfied you can work with this forever.


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  1. Fantastic suggestion. Lots of helpful information here. I am sending it to my Smart TV.

  2. I am using this app for about two years and it is great. many of my favourites are in the library. Thanks for the article also. An attractive one.

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