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Smart TV Internet web browser

The best web browsing application for your Smart TV is the Internet Web browser app. Android TVs and Google TVs have Google Play Store to download apps and games. For Fire TVs, it is the Amazon App Store. But those app stores have only a few selected apps and games. There are many awesome tools, games, and apps that are completely free to use on TVs.

Some websites offer awesome TV shows, Movies, or live channels without an App. You may require a good web browser to visit those websites. By default, Android-based TVs do not have a default web browser. You can use this web browser application to comfortably use those sites.

Why can’t we use a mobile web browser on TV?

Mobile or Android web browsers are developed for small screens and touch screens, not to operate with a TV remote. Browsing, selecting buttons, changing pages, and entering URLs will be extremely difficult when you use mobile browsers on a TV.

Many awesome and popular TV web browser applications are designed to work with TV remotes. Introduce new features to make web surfing easy as possible like on-screen cursor, bookmarks, quick access links, full-screen video, and more.

Features of Internet Web Browser for TV

Full-Screen Video

One of the main purposes of using an app like this is to watch videos on websites in full screen. Many other alternatives can play any video, but can’t play in full screen. Use this app to play your videos in full screen for a better video experience.

Save Websites

Entering a webpage URL on TV takes a longer time compared to mobile phones. Selecting letter by letter on the display keyboard is time-consuming and stressful. Enter once and visit several times. No need to enter your frequently visited website URLs over and over again. Use the bookmark feature to save your favorite websites.

Scroll Fast

Scrolling is another issue many TV users face. This app introduced a scroll-fast feature to quickly move across the web.

Easy to use

Unlike alternatives, this app does not put many action buttons and features to confuse its users. You will be granted with required features to make it simple to understand and use. It does not require any assistance to learn how to use this app.

Private mode

You can surf the internet in incognito mode. Incognito mode does not save your browser history. Therefore, anyone using the TV or this web browser application does not have any idea about the websites you visited. Please note that this feature cannot hide your internet activity from ISP. For that, you have to use a VPN.

File Downloads

Apart from full-screen video, file downloads are the main purpose of using a web browser application on TVs. If you locate any free movies and TV show applications on the internet, the easiest way to download those apps to TV is using a TV web browser. Downloads are not limited or restricted based on location or file type. You can download and manage any file.

If you do not like using a web browser to download apps and games you can use third-party TV app stores like Applinked, FileSynced, or Unlinked. No need to enter hard-to-type URLs, no require to locate actual download buttons, no ads, etc. It’s like your default app store, but with free movies, TV shows, Sports, News apps, and more.

Install Internet Web Browser on Google TV | Android TV

Google TV and Android TV are the same with different user interfaces. Below show how to install this application on your TV for free. Support almost all Android TVs, Google TVs, and devices like Mi BOX S, SkyStream, Onn, Nvidia Shield TVs, TCL Google TVs, TCL Android TVs, and more.

First, open the “Google Play Store” application on the home screen. Then go to search and type “internet web browser”. You will see this application in search results like the below picture. Select it.

Internet Web browser for Android TV

Next, select the “Get” button to begin the installation.

Install Internet Web browser Google TV



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