Just Rain TV – Rain Sounds and Videos for TV

Rain Sounds and Videos for TV

Do you love the rain? Do you love to experience the calming beauty and the calming sound of the rain while drinking a hot coffee sitting comfortably on your couch? I am sure you do. Then you are here at the right place. Just rain TV. One of the best apps for your Android TV and Fire TV devices that brings out the calming ambiance of rain right on to your living room.

What is Just Rain TV?

Just Rain TV. This is not just another app for your smart TV. The app is designed to capture the essence of calming rain. The app offers every detail of a rainy day no matter whether you love the refreshing scent of rain or you love to hear the rhythmic sound of droplets or the magical way rain breathes this has it all. Just Rain TV is one of the wonderful apps helping you in refreshing your bored and the tired mind. Download this cool app now and experience the virtual cozy and a comforting rainy paradise like you do in the real world.

Features of Just Rain TV

Different rainy destinations

The app let you experience the behavior of the rain in different locations from the lush rainforests to urban landscapes. It will be a very enchanting journey for sure giving you a poetic rainy experience. This let you experience the unique charm the rain bringing on different locations.

Realistic Visuals and Sounds

This is one of the cool features the users love about Just Rain TV. The wonderful and stunning visuals and the sounds of the app takes you to a whole new realistic rainy experience. You will feel like that you are under the real rain outside your window thanks to these wonderful visuals and sounds.

Customizable Rain Settings

This is another feature of the app that you may love. This let you personalize your rain experience to suit your mood. This let you adjust the intensity of the rain and also to select the time of the day. You can choose between light drizzles and heavy downpours to create the perfect rainy atmosphere for any time and any occasion.

Relaxing Background Music

With Just Rain TVs background music you can create a more serene and a calming ambiance by eenhancing your rainy-day experience. Be sure to select the tunes carefully to make them match perfectly with your mood.

This is the best app you could have in your Android TV and Fire TV device to be free from some stressful things you are encountering on your day today lives. If you want to have a peaceful nap then go for this. You surely will be able to have a sound sleep thanks to this app on your smart TV.

Hence download this amazing app on your smart TV also and relish its benefits. Create a wonderful calming ambiance on your living room with Just Rain TV.

Install Rain Video sounds app on Android TV and Google TV

Below shows how to install latest and best Rain sounds with visuals for Android TV and Google TV with few steps. Here we are using default app store which is play store. For devices without play store can use any third-party TV app stores like Applinked, FileSynced, Unlinked or Aptoide TV. Make sure to find correct TV code for this app.

First open “Play Store” application of your Android TV and go to search. Then type “just rain tv”. You will see this application on search results while typing like below picture. Select “Just rain TV” app from search results.

Install Rain Sounds and Videos app on Android TV and Google TV

Now select “Install” button to begin installation.

Install Just Rain TV app on Android TV

Enjoy soothing experience for free.


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  1. Matti Eskonniemi Avatar
    Matti Eskonniemi

    Use this on my baby. Sleeping enhancing quality video. good to keep babies sleep

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