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These days you have to use many videos or movie streaming applications. Because each and every platform has its originals like Netflix Originals, Disney originals and etc. Finding best and trending movies on all platforms is not a easy task. It will be easier if there is a way to track upcoming movies, TV shows. JustWatch was developed to providing all the problems you faced by using many movies and tv shows platforms.

JustWatch does not offer movies or TV shows. It is a streaming guide for Movies and TV shows. It will show all available movies and TV shows regardless of the platform. Not only that, it will shows in which streaming service that movie or TV show available. It also suggest best way to enjoy like in cinema or home.

How to find relief for your stress and boring life

Taking a look at a common day what most people will do. Wake up early in the morning. Earlier than needed, due to travel time on roads taking a hit during busy hours. Oversee kids getting up and getting ready for school. Make something quick for a breakfast, get ready for office. Both parents are bound to get involved in this process. Drop Wife at her colleagues and they will travel together to work. After dropping the kids with safe driving reached office. Oh! now the stress. Meetings, the reports on the project, and the brief presentation. At last finished. So much exhaustion.

Working for eight or more long hours, dropping kids to school, doing chores, or even studying and engaged in any other activities etc. This is a case study of a typical day. From early morning till late evening the activities people get involved in todays world will bound to make them so tired and stressed out.

To find suitable relaxation which has become a necessity to calm down the weariness and stress accumulated during a hard day must be found. Since returning back home late and the need to face another challenging day ahead one is left with little time to relax before retiring to nights sleep. And to find the best relaxation on offer is a TV, described as one’s best pal.

No wonder TV is placed at the highest level of demand and usage around the world. It serves a common purpose to all in common. That is to give the choice of best relaxation possible in a limited time frame. To make TV viewing even better has been brought about by a wonderful super App that could be installed on your TV. Its name JUSTWATCH.

About JustWatch TV app

With its streaming selection option of more than 80 streaming services access the best of the movies and TV shows of your choice. Well known and popular channels offered by this App like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney opens out giving so much of choice in selection. With Kids included, making sure it caters to the whole family. Paid online subscription is made available along with free streaming covering one hundred percent of accessibility.

Its Search engine having access to over around 90,000 movies. Have a look at the trailer of what interests you and then select the Movie or TV shows.

Provide customizing at its best. With the Timeline feature JustWatch will continuously keep updating its collection. This way you will never be done with things to watch on JustWatch.

With JUSTWATCH. JUST tune in and JUST enjoy a world of TV and JUST relax. No better way to get ready for the next day fresh, relaxed, and cool looking all thanks to some great entertainment.

Features of JustWatch TV app

  • It offers only 100% legal streaming services to watch Movies and TV shows.
  • For your convenient, it will list whether you need subscription to watch. Shows all other options like streaming with ads, free to watch, download available and etc.
  • You can select your favorite streaming services from 85+ services. It will helps to shows popular and trending shows on your favorite streaming services.
  • Better and easy to use Movies and TV shows search engine. Has over 90 000+ titles to search.
  • Timeline feature helps to find out new Movies and TV shows releases.
  • Provide best deals when you want to watch Movie. It will list best deals if you rent, buy movies online. Please note those prices are updated daily. Therefore chance of changing prices are very low.
  • Create your own Watchlist.

Install Movies Guide app Android TV

JustWatch is the best streaming guide for all movies and TV shows. You can easily install this application using Play Store TV, Amazon App Store and etc. If you are unable to install this application using default TV app stores, you can try using AppLinked or FileSynced. Those are two main and popular Android TV app stores.

First open Play Store TV app. Then go to search and type “justwatch”. You will see this application appear on search results like on below picture. Select it.

JustWatch for Android TV

Click on “Install” to begin installation.

Install JustWatch APK on Android TV

Install JustWatch Movie Guide app on Fire TV

Easily track all your favorite movies and TV shows using your Fire TV. No need to use your mobile or computer to find new movies, release dates and more. Use this movie tracking app or movies guide app on your Fire TV. Support most Fire TV devices out there including Firesticks, Fire TV cube, Fire TV omni series, P1 series, F20 series, Fire TV insignia series and more.

First open “App Store” application of your Fire TV”. Then go to search and type “justwatch”. You will see text suggestions appear while typing. Select correct text suggestion to display search results.

Search Justwatch on Fire TV

Now select this app from search results like below picture

Install Movie Tracking app on Amazon Fire TV

Select “Get” button to begin installation.

Install Justwatch app on Fire TV

For TV boxes that does has both play store and Amazon app store can use Aptoide TV. It is the best third-party TV app store to install your favorite apps without any restriction.