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Lyrics Music Player for Android TV

In this time period, music has become a part of lives, adding rhythm and soul to our everyday experience. Most of you may like to sing along instead of just listening. There are many Android lyrics apps available for free. If you listen to your songs using your TV, then use Lyrics Mania TV app.

Features of Lyrics Mania TV app

Large collection of Lyrics

This app has large collection of lyrics and still expanding their collection across various genres, artists and languages. No matter the song you want, this app will deliver latest and up to date lyrics to sing along or to find meanings behind those words. Find out those misheard words and correct them with lyrics.

Real-time sync

No need to find and select the lyrics of your favorite song. This app can automatically detect your song and shows lyrics for you. Instead of showing the whole lyrics in one page, this app can highlight the words as they are sung. This feature enables you to follow along with the music for immersive experience.

Fast searching

Most of you have experience how slow searches provided by many other services out there. You will miss that song if you have slow search performance in find the lyrics you want. Lyrics mania provide instant search feature that helps you to find lyrics you want quickly as possible. You will rarely use this search feature. Because this app can automatically detect and identify which song you are listening and provide appropriate lyrics.

Music Recommendations

Over the time lyrics mania app will understand your music taste based on your listening habits. Then this app will recommend new artists, songs and different genres based on your music taste. That helps you to find new songs and artists without searching online for new songs.

Favorite Playlist

There are songs that we like to hear over and over again. Use playlist feature to create your favorite lyrics list. Making it easier to revisit and enjoy.

Offline Mode

Music recognition feature requires internet connection. However, you can download lyrics you like the most. That helps you to recheck those downloaded lyrics anytime you want without any internet connection.


Music is a universal language that brings people together. Having lyrics side by you helps to understand those songs never before. Lyrics mania is the best app to see all those lyrics using your Android TV or Fire TV for free. If you are karaoke enthusiast, a curious music explorer, or simply someone who enjoys understanding the depths of lyrical, Lyrics Mania is the app you want. Download the app today and unlock a world of lyrics at your fingertips.

Install Lyrics Mania on Android TV

Now you can easily download and install this app directly using your default app store. No need to use any third-party installers. If your TV box does not support play store, use TV app installers like Applinked, unlinked or Aptoide TV. Those are the best available free TV app installers. Follow below mention instructions to install this app on your TV. Support all Android TV boxes including Mi TV series, SkyStream, X95 series, p1 series, Chromecast and more.

First open “Play Store” App. Then go to search and type “lyrics mania”. You will see this application on search results. Select it.

Lyrics for Android TV music

Now select “Install” to begin installation.

Download Lyrics Mania for Android TV


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